DSound Selections Vol.1

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DSound Selections Vol. 1

Track #1 "Atmosphere" by @dnokz. It's an EDM song with some dynamic highs and lows. The last minute goes hard.

Opera Snapshot_2018-07-31_012338_dsound.audio.png

Track #2 "Drop Dead" by @bohmanok. It's a HARD ROCK instrumental with lots of wailing guitar licks.
Opera Snapshot_2018-07-31_012451_dsound.audio.png

Track #3 is "acoustic guitar tones [manyak pacaran]" by @gobel. Unlike the other two tracks, this is simply an acoustic guitar track but I found it to be really relaxing.
Opera Snapshot_2018-07-31_012409_dsound.audio.png


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Oh, I can't wait to check this out... dead tired right now so it will be in the morrow.

Have a good night!

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