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For Investors, it isn't reasonable to just invest without first of all knowing everything there is to know about the potential project. Risk assessment has to be done and the investor with the data can make an informed decision about what they're willing to lose in case the project goes south, even though no one likes to lose. It's always a thing of joy when your investments yield returns. That's what keep people in the business.

The blockchain because of all its benefits has presented a whole new world of opportunities for investors. The technology is still in its infancy, and this had made investors very interested in its future. But even with the bright future of the Blockchain, there are still attendant risks Inherent that needs to be tackled. The blockchain is still budding and as such investors are still skeptical about its future and based on the fact that it's still majorly sentiments driven. There's also the issue of the Blockchain not yet fulfilling the level of transparency that major investors need. These and more are the issues VELIC aims to tackle.

Problems That Need Urgent Solutions.

  1. Hacking is one of the issues that are dissuading prudent investors from investing in the blockchain and its applications. There have been known cases of breaches due to malicious attacks or from human carelessness and because of the nature of the Blockchain, these funds are not easily recoverable. Any prudent investor will see this as an issue to be wary of.

  2. Big players and investors need a sophisticated platform and products if they want to invest. Most of the products in the crypto sphere are alike which doesn't give investors enough room to explore and invest in unique products. This is one of the reasons digital assets haven't gotten to their full potential just yet.

  3. Unlike the traditional financial sector, the blockchain and crypto assets are too fragmented. There isn't yet a platform that brings different sectors of the Blockchain into one whole accessible platform. This can lead to leakage and wastage when investors navigate from one platform to the other looking to fulfill their investing needs.

  4. There isn't yet a bridge between the traditional financial world and the blockchain. It's difficult for investors to ***exchange their digital assets to fiat and vice versa. ***This poses a problem for investors because as they say, time is money. Having to convert your digital assets first to fiat before making use of it is a pain and as such Investors are still reluctant to invest in digital assets. There should be real-life use cases for our digital assets.

  5. The reason Gold still has value today because of its stability. Investors can easily hedge their funds on gold when currencies are fluctuating. This can't be said for Crypto yet because of the high volatility. This volatility can be so rapid in some cases and can lead to sudden loss of assets. This causes businesses not to use crypto assets as a means of payment and as such adoption hasn't been as fast as expected.

Even with these problems, investment in Crypto assets is still alluring. The technology is still in its infancy. Storage of digital assets is one of the most secure possible and also the cheapest. The blockchain is also cheap especially for transaction costs, the speed of transaction is the fastest there is and anyone anywhere can receive and send assets without extra charges. These are why investors are still excited about the future of this technology.

VELIC Crypto-Based Finance.
VELIC focuses on the financial aspect of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies. That is what investors look out for. For the blockchain to gain adoption, investors need to know their funds are safe. This is what VELIC aims to bring to investors. SAFETY. With VELIC, your assets will be secure from hacks, risk management will be high and price volatility will be at a minimum. VELIC stands for Vault, Exchange, Loan, Investment and Cryptoassets. The platform encompasses all investors need to navigate the crypto world.

The Vault.
The VELIC vault safeguards against hacks. Investors can safely store their sensitive Information like private keys and also their assets here.

The Exchange
Exchanges are the backbone of Cryptocurrency. Investors need a place where they can easily convert one currency for the other. For the traditional financial system, these can be done in the banks etc. The exchange is like the bank of the Blockchain and needs to have maximum security and also must be easy to use. Unfortunately, this isn't the case with some exchange platforms. VELIC exchange will improve on all other exchanges with its secure and easy to use exchange giving investors the confidence they need to trade their assets.

Loans can now be gotten via Cryptocurrencies. Your assets can be used as collaterals in exchange for stable coins.

Investors will be provided with a wide array of opportunities that will be beneficial to them.

Ticker - VELT.
Total supply - 15 billion VELT.

Token distribution
Mining - 90%
Crowdsale - 6%
Reserve - 4%

This article is not in anyway Financial advice. Links below are for further information to make an informed decision from.



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