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The Blockchain is a technology that I believe has come to stay. Even with the way the Blockchain is being adopted, there still exists a gap between it and the apps being developed on the Blockchain as compared to traditional protocols. Contents creators are not finding it easy with the way it's set up. This has made creators overlook the blockchain because of its complexities. And this causes a dearth of applications that are being built on the Blockchain.

Other problems are ;

  • Complexity arises when contents producers seek to publish the content on the Blockchain. These most times leave them confused and at a loss on what to really do seeing that the Blockchain is still at its infancy.
  • Developers that are still upcoming don't have enough funds available to them.
  • The numerous projects that are being brought forward to make quality products to be lost in the sea of substandard products.
  • Larger developers, because their clout can easily drown out other smaller developers. This isn't healthy for the system in the long run.
  • High fees of the traditional publishers are limiting the developers wanting to showcase their contents.
  • For developers that want to use the Blockchain to launch their contents, they're limited by the inconvenience in the packaging of the Blockchain. Hyperbridge aims to bring definite solutions to these problems.

Hyperbridge is a software development company based in Estonia. It was founded in 2017. Their aim is very simple actually. To present the Blockchain in a simple way for content developers to be able to access and build on. There's already an MVP called Blockhub. Blockhub is a protocol-driven platform that is designed with the aim of bringing together producers and consumers. Hyperbridge, for now, wants to focus on the gaming industry with other sectors coming soon.
What does Blockhub bring to developers?

Benefits of Blockhub.

  • Blockhub serves as a platform where games can be launched and funds raised. Sales of games can also be done on the Platform.
  • Blockhub will facilitate the Increase In engagement of a project by introducing programs for promotions, bounties for bug finding, and product testing. These acts are then rewarded. This invariably increases user engagement and also drive the progress of the product.
  • Blockhub is built on the Blockchain, and because of this, fees are lower in accordance with the decentralization of the Blockchain. Fees are about 30% less than other app marketplaces. This is due to the fact that the Blockchain doesn't have overhead charges like traditional financial systems do.
  • AIs and machine leaching are deployed in helping developers look for ways to increase performance and drive sales.
  • With Blockhub, even already existing traditional projects can easily be converted to the Blockchain very easily and seamlessly. Payments are very easy with the integrated wallet which can receive payments quickly and also securely.
    All these benefits come together to give a whole different approach to how games on the Blockchain are launched and implemented. Easier, faster and cheaper.

The Hyperbridge Token (HBX)
This is the native token of the Hyperbridge Platform. More can be found on the ICO page.



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