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Blockchain is one of the technologies that have come to disrupt how we perform transactions. It has so much improved on the existing financial system in such a little time. The adoption of the Blockchain is picking up because of this and more people and organizations are showing interests in it because of its amazing features like transparency, its immutable, it can be trusted with its transactions with no external body getting involved. The digital nature of the Blockchain and cryptocurrency is that it is digital, decentralized and as such cannot be stored in any centralized body like a bank.

For every good thing, there are advantages and disadvantages. One of the major disadvantages or issues facing the Cryptocurrency is the issue of frauds with Wallets getting hacked and phished. And because of the Decentralized nature of the Blockchain, these transactions cannot be tracked.

Even with that issue of Fraud facing cryptocurrency, it is still gaining traction with Bitcoin going as high as $20,000 and other Altcoins also increasing exponentially. This has given investors lots to smile about and also bringing in more and more investors. With this, Investors need a safe environment to trade these digital currencies.

There's also the issue of Wallets being too cumbersome and also with the Wallets supporting just a few of the existing cryptocurrencies. These are some of the issues Javvy aims to solve.


Javvy aims to bring about a Free Wallet and Distributed Exchange rich in features that'll floor most of the other Platforms out there. The Team has enough experience to do this.

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Features Of Javvy.

  1. With The Javvy Exchange, both newbies and experienced traders alike are assured of a seamless experience when using the Javvy Exchange.

  2. Unlike most other Exchanges, Javvy exchange accepts the use of Fiat to buy and sell Cryptos.

  3. The SEC Compliance is what most exchanges aren't in line with. The Javvy exchange is SEC complaint.

  4. ID Verification can be a chore with most exchanges making traders lose interest, with Javvy users are assured of an easy and seamless KYC process that is almost instant.

  5. Javvy Wallet supports a whole lot of currencies. This will be a one-stop shop for most users because they wouldn't need to have multiple wallets when Javvy can cater to their needs.

  6. Security is high on the priority of Javvy. Wallets are secured with encrypted keys. Hardware cold storage wallets like Trezor, Ledger are also supported. There's also back up of Passwords which mitigates against loss of assets. 2-Factor authentication is also enabled for added security.

7 - The Javvy card is like an international debit card which can be funded with cryptocurrency and used to purchase real-world items.

Javvy is available in all countries with a wide range of languages supported. It can also be downloaded on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android.

These are just a few of the features and benefits of Javvy. More can be found on the Website and Whitepaper.

Javvy Token.(JVY)
JVY is a Utility token and holders will benefit from the following.

JVY is used for transactions fees with a 50% discount. This invariably gives the token demand. JVY can also be used as Staking for a period of time with a fixed percentage given to the Staker after the time elapses.

About half of token supply is reserved for the Loyalty program which is paid to users paying fees within the Javvy wallet and exchange.

Total Supply - 333,333,333

Soft Cap - 1,000 Eth

Hard Cap - $8mm

Price of JVY - 0.0004Eth

Tokens on Offer - 100,000,000 JVY.

Username - Faithclin

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