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The Blockchain era has brought with it unprecedented interest in Cryptocurrencies and the technology that surrounds it. The market cap if digital currencies have seen an upsurge that wasn't imagined. Organizations now see the blockchain as a means to raise funds for their ICO. This has seen a rise in the number of ICOs being launched.

The blockchain has moved away from just Cryptocurrencies, with some organizations employing the blockchain for some of its technological needs especially because of its decentralization feature. This and many other features will ultimately lead to the widespread adoption of the Blockchain. But this hasn't been as fast as expected, and this is the reason why evolving of the Blockchain ecosystem must happen and as fast as possible. FLETA has a solution for this.
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“The main aim of FLETA is true decentralization through Dapps” Imagine a service platform like Google Android or Apple iOS, but this time on the blockchain. This is what FLETA aims to be.
Apps on the blockchain can be frustrating and time-consuming especially for new developers testing the technology. The FLETA platform consists of the users, Dapp developers, and miners. They all have their different functions in the FLETA ecosystem.

Unlike other platforms, the Dapps on the FLETA blockchain will be truly independent and free. How was this possible?

1 - Dapps can't function properly with slow transaction speed, and this is the reason FLETA increased the transaction speeds, high freedom and made it possible for the development costs to below as well.

2 - With the FLETA token economy, Dapps wouldn't depend on any outside currency for its functioning. This will make it truly independent.

3 - The independence of FLETA and its Dapps will ultimately make Dapps scalable.

Dapps on the blockchain aren't as fast as users would want. Developing these apps can also be frustrating. FLETA solves these issues by bringing up the following functions of the platform.

Independent Multi - Chain Structure.
This drastically reduces the cost for both the developers and the users and also an unlimited number of Dapps can be accommodated.

Proof of Formation (PoF)
This reduces unnecessary forks. And miners are also assured of “Prompt creation and dissemination of blocks” which will speed up transaction speed for miners and users.

Block redesign
Parallel Sharding.
This helps in the number of transactions that can be processed per second. With FLETA the speed is about 20,000 transactions per second. This also reduces the occurrence of double spending.

These are just various ways in which FLETA improves on the already existing blockchain projects.
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FLETA Beta TestNet Network and Game
On March 5, 2019, the FLETA Beta TestNet was launched after about 8 months of intensive testing and modifications. Developers of Apps on the blockchain can now use and review the TestNet and propose changes to the codes on the Github.

The TestNet revealed that the FLETA platform can handle about 20,000 transactions per second. This is a wonderful feat as this will give developers the scalability they need and want.

FLETA also introduced a game called FLETA City simulation where users can build cities from scratch. Users can also micromanage how the city is run and developed. Players can play each other and leaders are ranked on the scoreboard.

The FLETA mainet launches very soon. For more information about the FLETA platform, please check out the links below.


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