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Being a housewife must be prepared with kitchen matters, not to mention what dishes to serve every day. Housewife's daily cuisine is easily easy because if our food is eaten by family members, it means that the dishes we make are delicious. But sometimes many housewives are confused in determining the daily menu for food, so it only cooks the same menu.

For that we will provide daily cooking recommendations for housewives, so housewives do not need to be able to make different dishes every day for their beloved family.

Cuisine of Basic Vegetable Ingredients

Special Capcay

The first daily cooking menu is special capcay, housewives can make this special capcay easily and not complicated. Customized ingredients, as long as the vegetables are healthy. But we would suggest using basic vegetables such as carrots, daung brungkol, beans, mushrooms, tofu, social or bakaso. Mothers can use stir-fry base ingredients to make it, then if you want to use gravy or not it can be adjusted to taste.


For vegetable soup, usually almost all housewives make it, but for a little different, mothers can add other filling such as fried potatoes in small slices, meatballs, claw and sausage. In addition to having a savory broth, add beef so that the broth is more delicious.

Sayur Asem

Salted vegetables are very suitable to be served during hot weather, the way to make it easy is that mothers only need to collect ingredients such as purple eggplants, chayote, melinjo leaves, corn, tamarind and seasonings for making vegetables.

Saute Bskso Mushrooms

Try to make the stir fry with mushroom ingredients from oyster mushrooms, ear mushrooms and black mushrooms. In order to have a better taste, mothers can add beef meatballs, how to make it easy. Use omelet and oyster sauce, so that it will shake your family's saliva.

Processed Adam Manis Menu

Try once in a while the mothers make processed sweet and sour menus, making sweet and sour sauce not too difficult. Mothers can use tomato sauce, chili sauce, teoung cornstarch, sugar and salt. Medium for the side dishes the mothers can use chicken flour, squid flour, shrimp flour, fish flour and various other fried foods.

Blackpepper beef

Cibalah processes beef with black pepper seasoning, the method is not too difficult because the mothers only need beef, paprika, onions, black pepper and basic spices. The method makes it easy enough, first saute the basic ingredients and then put the meat in, if the meat starts to brown, add water, paprika and black pepper seasoning.

Various Processed Chicken

Try not only to process the chicken just by frying it, the mothers can try to process the chicken in a stew, green spice or burn it.

Various Processed Fish

For a variety of processed chicken should be more varied, so that people who do not like to eat fish start to eat it. Mothers can process fish by making nuggets, fish meatballs, and krispi fish.

Various Processed Tofu and Tempe

Try to make a menu of tofu and tempeh with various kinds of spices and dishes such as tempeh bakar, tempe oseng kecap, tofu kripsi, tofu tempe and many more. Because if the mothers only process the ingredients by frying it, it will make people who eat it bored.

Miscellaneous sambal

For Indibesia people, sambal is something that is obligatory to be on top of food, so that processed chili can be enjoyed by all people, make several different types of chili sauce with different spicy levels.

That is the easy menu of daily life in the household, besides being easy for the family to not get bored quickly by having a mother at home because it has a lot of variety.

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