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RE: Busy v2.4 Release: New features that will make you love

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10% of the rewards of the new member for a period of 30 days.

Most people joining will not make an impact in the 30 first days. It is too short time to make an earning, 365+ days and we have a better starting point. offers lifetime referal rewards and they been in biz since 2012.

Please make a better offer. It cost money to bring people to your front end, and 30 days are nothing.

PS: Referal programs are decentralized marketing.


i can again

we also need to focus on fixing the huge delay new accounts being made before a decent referral program is introduced i think!

I think so too... These things take time

the way all fingers are not equal is the same thing applied when it comes to luck.... but i still like your opinion

I can not agree more .

good website

Hi @fyrstikken, That's true and for the same reason, majority quit. I've been helping a brand new minnow and it's been almost a month now. The reputation score is 46 but the earnings are small. It's a long route, I fully understand and have been conveying this to the minnow over and over again.

Anyway I love how all the platforms around Steem are growing! :)

I agree with @noisy, i don't agree with your comment. Steemit / busy doesn't need a referral program

Nice observation but if the are showed how to go about it, the will make an impact.

I agreed with your comment

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