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RE: Crowbarmama's Shortbread Cookies

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action shot!


You know, other than I have fussy tweens instead of babies, this post felt really close to home! Your cookies look marvelous, and I have to agree that even when an experiment is a fail, it's totally (usually) still edible. It's nice to see that you have some super competent help too, your little one rolled out and watched those cookies bake like a boss!

Love, love, love your writing style and subject matter @crowbarmama! May the derp be with you😜


May the derp be with you

@generikat! You always make me chuckle! Yes, my little helper is awesome, he's my snuggler too-BONUS!- but also the worst in terms of sneaking batter/dough/chocolate chips/etc...

FYI, I have read a couple of your older posts and I have a bone to pick with Steemit. I totally want to upvote that stuff, but there's no benefit for you, right? I mean, that stuff is to good to just be collecting dust! The Logging Camp Chronicles are awesome!

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