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Hello Steemians!
Just a quick thought for everyone as you all go about your day. In my three years of college, I have had to manage being a full time athlete, while working a part time (and sometimes full-time) job at Chick-fil-a, and also taking 15-18 credits every semester. As such, my schedule can get VERY, VERY busy. Some days I have so much to do that I don't even want to get out of bed. I just lay there letting the stress get to me. If this happens to you, my advice for you is simple: just start. Don't think about all that you have to do. Just do SOMETHING. Even if its the smallest or easiest task on your list, MAKE IT HAPPEN. Just start one at a time and focusing on that one task, not worrying about all the other ones. This has helped my productivity and has enabled me to complete enormous to-do lists.

Hope this helps some of you in your busy lives! I love to share my experiences with others and also learn from you all!
P.S. Here is a pic of me and my Men's four rowing boat at our competition in Augusta, Georgia on the Savannah river for Head of the South!


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Do you have an original photo from your athletic events you can post here? Snap something relevant with your cellphone if not - weights, soccer ball, you rbusy calendar etc. Posts with images do far better than those without. Also here's a tip! It should show up in your wallet! :-) Have a great day and thanks for the encouragement that we all need!

Still trying to figure out a good way to get pictures from my phone onto here since you post links to your pictures. Is it possible to drag files into the text box! Thanks for the comment and advice once again :). Great to have you as a follower!

When I use the phone to Upload a photo, I use, because there is not an easy way on Steemit. There is a button for uploading a photo on I guess youmust use Busy, because you have it as a tag.

Thank you! Again your help is of great value. I am so new to this so I have much to learn. Starting to get a hang of the basics though!

We all seem to have such little time these days. When Im overwhelmed I break my todo list down to

  1. absolutely critical or failure results (DO NOW!!)
  2. Must complete today
  3. Must complete within 3 days
  4. Set the rest as scheduled due date like pay by dates
  5. The shuffle deck (things that need to be completed but can be shuffled by importance).

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