Extend the life of the smartphone battery

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We all know that the batteries of our smartphones do not hold the day and are discharged quickly, since we spend several hours hooked on the phone to check our emails, take pictures, videos ... Here are some tips to keep your battery mobile phone longer:

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  • Don't wait until the battery is flat to recharge it. We all think that it is better to use the battery until it reaches 1% before charging. Well, that's wrong! This is no longer the case of batteries manufactured in recent years.

  • Don't leave your phone plugged in after the battery is fully charged. According to "Battery University", a study has shown that keeping the phone plugged in overnight, leaves the battery in a high-voltage state. It will take small, regular electrical charges to keep it at 100%, loads that will also keep it in a state of high stress, which will damage it in the long run.

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  • Try not to charge the battery of your phone up to 100%. If you are the type to charge your phone to 100% every day or, in the best case, every other day, then you are probably destroying your battery.

  • Charge your phone as soon as you can: The best way to charge your phone's battery is to charge your phone as soon as possible and opt for shorter cycles.

  • Avoid overheating: The batteries are very sensitive to heat. Do not leave your phone in the sun or near a heat source.

Some models of phones have non-removable batteries. Take care to enjoy your mobile phone longer!



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