simplify your life - Personal life can also be easier

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The best advice for simplifying life is to forget about wanting to change others or the world. Focus only on the changes you can make at home. Just worry about the example you can give if you want everything to be better. Nothing and nobody will change just because you like it.

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In addition, it is important to isolate yourself once a year. Go away for two or three days in a place far away from all that is usual for you. This helps to oxygenate, relax and help detect what is not working, what can be improved and what can be consolidated.

If you manage to simplify your life, you will win. First, in peace. When we reach this internal stability, everything starts to become simpler and more viable. Life is unique and it is better to take care of it and not devalue what is worth it.



Less expectations from others = Healthy Life

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@jawadovic Sir...WOWWW These Lines are really very Heart Touching.. These Lines Touches my Emotions and in between for a few seconds I lost myself in the words it feels that God is talking to me..I Love It..

yes 100% same reason

Life is full of happiness if your expectations low.

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