Let's Talk About Corruption; Why Only Free people Can Lead..

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Corruption is a product of slave mentality.

Let's talk about corruption.

Slaves are fond of stealing, you know why? Because they feel justified when they do it, after all it's not their property, it belongs to their "wicked" Masters who give them nothing out of the much they suffer to help their Masters get. Slaves still because it is not their property and they own nothing.
They believe in the nigerian proverb which says in pidgin "monkey dey work baboon dey chop" which can be translated as "the monkey is working while the baboon is eating"
They filled the slave master is leaving on their sweat and when they steal it is a way of being compensated.

Today in our country people still.
We feel like we do not own anything; that is the mentality that still carrying around. That's why we can afford to see the street lights, strip the road reading, still the government vehicles, generating sets, staplers, pens, chairs and of course money. The students in school can still teaching the classes because everything belongs to the government. We can afford to let the roads go bad because they do not belong to us, they belong to the government.
When a slave is caught for stealing, the other slaves sympathize with him. Did not see what he has done as stealing, so his punishment is seen as victimisation. When you catch a thief with the million pound sterling of public funds, feel useless can begin to shout on certain they will burn down a whole state because enslave kingdom, stealing from the master is not really stealing.

A classic example is that of James Ibori whom did delta people celebrated his return from a UK prison after he was convicted for misusing government funds to enrich his pockets.

Funny enough this playful steals and is not caught is usually celebrated. He is the successful slave. How he gets his lute does not matter. In this league kingdom, it is very difficult to get anything. Therefore if someone can find a way to get it, he is usually celebrated with the chieftaincy title.


In africa when it comes to leadership, what we have heard so far are people with slave mentality leading fellow slaves and as such when something is given collectively or when something is bent collectively for all the slaves he uses his position as leader of the slaves to loot what is meant for everybody.


Leaders with this slave mentality can not lead free people, that is people who have realised that they don't need anything from the government to become successful, people who have realised that they owe their success to their hard work and not to what the government can or cannot provide for them. So they do everything in their power everything possible to keep their subjects in the slave states or slavery because slaves cannot successfully lead free people.
Someone who believes he owns nothing can't lead people who believe they own everything.
And to think that what do you see that cctv mentality have done is;

They know that the greatest threat to their control is knowledge. Their strategy is to keep the people who are free but you think they are slaves ignorant of the truth by taking away knowledge of the truth.

That is why they have destroyed the educational system. We have no passion for the education system because you cannot keep an informed man in bondage that is why the government is still trying to use the media the control to disseminate information to the people as authentic.
This is why we need to come out and take Africa back from the leaders with slavery mentality.


Yes corruption is the misuse of power and it destroys the quality of the systems, where it occures.
It is widely seen in undeveloped and developing countries.

Unfortunately corruption is everywhere, just that in developing countries, they won't stop looting the treasury..