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RE: CONTEST! | My 2019: The last 2019 Showcase Weekend | Hundreds of Steem in Prizes

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Wow,, amazing. Thank for this chance sir @anomadsoul and of course for @blocktrades for supporting this contest. I will try to choose my tree post and talk about it. Good luck sir and God bless you for this initiative.


Haha, for a moment I thought your posts were about trees. It seems you post a lot on contests and curations :) I hope you're getting a lot of success from trying so hard! I don't have your dedication. It's admirable.

Hi @cryptosharon

in principle, me and you and we all learn to manage our abilities, none of us do not try, maybe here I try strong, while in fact you are the strongest trying. I just try to describe photography and write freely here, but sometimes it is constrained by language, so I still have to learn. Greetings from Indonesia

Sounds perfect! Great to see you'll join this one too :)

Thank you so much sir @anomadsoul. Last night I have finish make my post about this contest. Just try to evaluate my self, because like you said everyone is winner. I hope can include there. God bless you


Btw, I want to participate by giving 15 steem for honourable mention like in last announcement. Do you allow me to do that sir @anomadsoul?

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