Too All Ripple Haters - You Know You Can Short it ?

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The title is "funny" im not on any side, as always im on side of making money.

Anyways many people dont like XRP for its centralization and other reasons and currently it pumped like crazy. But there is good news, you can bet on it going down with BTC by shorting it.

Where? Of course my weapon of preference in this field - BitMex.

And if you are pro XRP yo can also make money faster than on usual trades by going leverage long.

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Do they have only against BTC?
Shorting against Dollar deserves implementation too.
There are leveraged financial tools with no margin call, no default stop loss with guaranteed positive value that are still leveraged.
The magic is real.

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It time for bullbackS in the crypto market space, great run from Ripple

Ripple is popular nowadays; Having said that I want to share some interesting stuff on weekly only.

If you see the thrust bar in red circle; this is the place where the big rally started. Market re visited that level and showed a similar action again. Very interestingly market just turned in to a buy after 32 weeks. I calculated D levels based on daily timeframe but showed them on weekly chart.
Lets see how the market will react on this buy signals on the coming weeks. 0.80; 1-1.15 AND 1.39-1.46 zones are the big resistance zone in front of Ripple.


I remember when Ripple started, they were giving million of XRP airdrops, I ignored it because too many negative post about XRP.

Of course i hate XRP, but i am not going to bet against it.
It is going to go up and up and up

And then it will be forgotten.
It will become as MySpace.
But that is some time in the future. Not now.

It has the powerful banksters’ backup and control. So, it will still be a player until the powerful backers could be broken.

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Some people suges to us the bitcoin price was increasing and next year what was the best coin to hold us for next year bitcoin or some other coin help me what coin i will hold us

Beware. Lots of people got squeezed out of their short positions. But good for me ;-)

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Not the only centralization, I hate XRP for its manipulation. Right now the most manipulated so-called cryptocuurency out there.

It’s all about stackin money... not offended by the title, people can’t be emotional haha

koto din wait korle smi

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It may make sense to short some.

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I think it's not so much a matter of hating Ripple as criticising it for lacking decentralization.