Was this end of downtrend ?

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Novogratz thinks so. No idea who he is? A little bit below.


Worth to note BTC jumped nice since yesterday, ETH is coming back too.



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Sure does seem like it. Pattens repeating. Now a 300% to 500% V bottom off the lows?

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Hi @kingscrown, i think Novogratz is right, it is the bottom of cryptocurrency. Now let see how much time it take to reach again its all time high. But i am sure it will reach again its all time high within 2018. I already post my technical analysis on ripple. Analysis tells us that it is the bottom of ripple price. You can check it here, https://steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@cryptoexpert79/ripple-analysis-best-time-to-buy-hurry-up
All coins are related to Bitcoin. When Bitcoin will rise altcoins will automatcially rise.

i am sure it will reach again its all time high within 2018

I really, really doubt that

Not only cryptocurrency mostly all kinds of market moves with uncertainity

they do but given the current direction of the trend I find it extremely unlikely we'll retest $20k by the end of 2018 @cryptoexpert79, markets wont't just V-bottom like it's 2017 all over again, gotta be realistic.

Hi @tradealert , you are right that markets do not behave like V pattern. But what i believe if institutional traders get involved in 30 September ETF then surely it will retest $20k.

I would love to see the last of this bear market. I am not so sure though..... considering all that I have seen in the past few months. I came into crypto when Bitcoin around 4-5K and I was expecting it to go to the same point.

The good news seems to be that miners won't be allowing Bitcoin to go below 6K and if this the price than who knows..... maybe this is the bottom :-)

I share your insight

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ETH just put in a capitulation intermediate low. A lot of work to do but the last 48 hours was a huge start.

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Don't jinx it Novogratz...

he is a OG whale, but I remember in one of his interview he said one of his friends 'forced' him to buy ETH because he didnt want to involve in that stuff...lol he also said he sold to early...like Vitalik something like 5-7$...
anyway if the market turned because of him i am afraid worst days are coming....

Mike Novogratz is a person who is very interested in this scenario ))
This option is quite possible, but I do not see objective factors, neither technical nor fundamental, that this is the bottom. The only argument for this is the annual cycle.

today most of the top 50 are on greed. it might the start of bull. but im still reserve about the trend. it might be false bull.

I think market starts bull for long term.