What Questions Would You Ask to CEO of BitMex ?

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tldr; ill be making interview and lookin if community wants to ask about something.

BitMex is one of top leverage markets which have no KYC and use BTC only as deposit withdrawal.

The leverage is big, up to x100 on some pairs.

I have been using that place since its start and i highly recommend it - REGISTER HERE TO GET 10% DISCOUNT ON FEES.

Now lately ive decided to restart interviews section on my blog, if you are aware last one was with @blocktrades https://fuk.io/exclusive-interview-with-dan-notestein-of-blocktrades/ in.. July 1, 2016.
Yes over 2 years and i didnt do any interviews so now im coming back.

I will start with Arthur Hayes the CEO and you can leave questions below. I run those interviews in "theres no hard questions" mode (check previous ones) so if theres something you think could be interesting - leave it in comments, maybe ill use it.

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I'd consider him an insider, I have so many questions for him to guide my trades ;)

I would not ask any questions.

That's great idea I love it Bitcoin buying hosting same I appreciate your valuable post thanks for sharing this community

It might not be relevant because as a CEO he might not be able to answer some questions...... but

There is a movement of 18000+ BTC on one of Bitmex linked addresses. Any hint about that would be great.

Why dont you make a market for options. It will really increase our options when looking how to hedge our positions

Mmmm is a good post, but not relevant.

Where do you see bitcoin prices in 1 year? 5 years? 20 years?

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I would ask how he got interested in the cryptospace. Following you.

From where he got idea for leverage trading?

what an amazing place this is!! just speechless.................../

Do they have plans to add support for STEEM?

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