[Introduction of Korean Culture] Gimjang (Making kimchi to eat during winter)

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Hi? I'm @ korea-food.

This time, I will introduce the Korean culture called Gimjang.

Gimjang is to make Kimchi to eat during the winter.

There was no refrigerator in the past, and it was hard to find vegetables in winter.

So, Korean ancestors made Kimchi in the fall by using various vegetables such as cabbage, radish and so on before winter came.

It is easy to get vegetables nowadays, so doing Gimjang has disappeared much in Korea, but my family still does Gimjang.

First, in order to do Gimjang, salted cabbage, radish.

And you can make a variety of sauces such as pepper, vegetables and so on with cabbage and radish.

Nowadays, there is a refrigerator for kimchi in Korea, and it has a function to improve the taste.

Usually, Koreans eat together when they finish Gimjang.

My family ate pork and octopus with Kimchi.

Today, I informed about the customs of Korea.

I will often let you know if I have such an opportunity next time.


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