[Introduction of tourist attractions in Korea] Insadong, Seoul

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Hi? I'm @ korea-food.

This time I will introduce some places to visit in Seoul, the capital city of Korea.

There are many places to visit in Seoul. The place to introduce this is Insadong.

◎ Location and Introduction

Insadong is a place adjacent to the palaces of the Joseon Dynasty and is an important space where old, precious traditions are exchanged in the city center.

Insadong is a cluster of art galleries, traditional craft shops, antiques shops, traditional tea houses, traditional restaurants, and cafes. It is a place where you can enjoy the old culture of Korea and the current culture at the same time.

◎ What to Watch

There are over 100 specialty shops selling art. Here, you can enjoy various exhibitions such as Korean paintings, ceramics, prints and sculptures.

And here is a traditional tea house and a variety of restaurants. The interior of the traditional teahouse is very small and old, but it is a place where you can get to know the culture such as poet's books and photos.

Insadong is designated as a car-free street every Saturday / Sunday, and it is a place to walk and enjoy in the city center.

◎ Food

When you come here, visit traditional tea houses and Korean traditional restaurants. It is a place where you can learn Korean traditional culture through food.

This was the introduction of Korean tourist attractions.

Next time I will introduce another tourist attractions in Korea.

See you next time.

All photos are copyrighted by Korea Tourism Organization and its City Hall homepage.


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