[Scenery of Korea] Mid-November Jeju Island

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Hi?? I'm @ korea-food.

Today I am going to introduce Korean scenery rather than introducing food.

The picture below shows Jeju Island a month ago.

It is a very cold winter now, but the pictures below show the scenery of late autumn.

It's a picture my wife sent me to go to Jeju Island to see good scenery.



Jejudo is famous for producing a lot of tangerines in Korea. So the people of Jeju Island have developed many business items with tangerine.



Jeju Island is an island made by a volcanic eruption, and there are many basins, and there is a wonderful scenery here.



And, as for the island, it boasts wonderful sea scenery.

If you come to Korea, I recommend you to go.

Especially, in spring and summer, there are many wonderful scenery and delicious food in Jeju Island.

The right to photography is in @seunglimdaddy


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