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RE: Busy: Donation Terms. Introducing our Donation Levels

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I recall being told that was supported and being paid (in part) by Steemit Inc. This is not true? Well I thought you were being funded by Steemit, that sucks...


Yep, well it's all written in the post mate ;) Steemit Inc supports Busy with some donations.. (as you mentioned, "in part"), I was there when the question was asked to Ned in SteemSpeak. I can find fyrstikken record maybe but i think you might be wrong on what you recall ;) It doesnt suck that much. In fact we're very grateful for their donation
Well I expect a more 'long term' support but for now it's only covering our 3 month development until the MVP, after that we need to discuss it again. #prayforbusy
our main support are smooth and steemit Inc as you can see, but we have some plan for the future

Yeah I didn't read the post properly when I got to the table, sorry. The "it sucks" applied to them not funding the project when I missed their name hehe, not that they do ;) Glad I wasn't wrong on what I recalled.

Gold 5K-25K SBD @smooth (13K), Steemit Inc (16K)

Oh woops, me blind, thanks.

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