Just bought 777 SP now! One good individual Steemian will get this 777 SP delegated tomorrow! steemCreated with Sketch.

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My all time favourite YouTuber said the following..

  1. Complaining is easy, excuting is hard

  2. If you want to be anomaly, you gotta act like one

  3. It’s more important to learn and fail than it is to always be right

  4. Document the journey

  5. Bet on your Strengths. Don’t give a F*%K about what you suck at

Nowadays I don’t watch YouTube because DTube and DLive is here. Even though I’m missing out good content from my role model “Gary Vee”


Anyway why am I writing something irrelevant to topic of my post. Actually it relevant because my 34th individual Steemian’s 777SP delegation will go to a DLiver or DTuber tomorrow.

Keep on Steeming and you’ll find out tomorrow!!

Good night my dear Steemians :)

By the way Bitcoin transactions are slow and I’m still waiting for 777SP, And I wish could pay with EOS, when I buy SP next time. That’s actually tomorrow because Buying SP is my daily habit!



Man your generosity seems to be endless! I would suggest. If you want the SP to be the most effective. That you delegate it to a Dlive or Dtube curation project. @dlive24hour is one of the best ones for Dlive and I'm actually a curator for them and help them find great content to manually curate daily. For Dtube there is @onelovedtube which is a great initiative to curate Dtube content creators and they are doing a great job from what I can tell.

Hope you will decide to support one of the two if not both of the projects. They really deserve it!

Make it @kenmelendez, he writes excellent content for the Steem blockchain and uploads good videos to Dtube too. Thanks for all that you do @nathanmars 😊👍

I second that nomination.

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That’s really awesome, and what a time to do it! If only I had some fiat to invest! I guess that would be the good thing about crypto staying low for another few months, I may actually have a chance to invest

Opt out Fiat and opt in Crypto

Good luck with your investment my friend!

Respect Nathan. Hope the recipient puts it to good use

Very interesting! Thank you very much for promoting this profitable and rewarding work, which encourages the members of this great platform to develop and grow in an increasingly active way! And thanks for the influence you bring in the community of DTube and Dlive, and I thank you for that appropriate phrase from that great Youtube character! And for whose learning models I continue to visualize content on this platform :) I hope that the successes continue and this project continue to grow stronger. A great greeting!

I agree. Espcially now the decentralized infractureing is growing, for example with community hosting solutions like one love dtube, creators are now able to keep their content around for years.I believe if you post on DTUBE today, you should also be investing in these solutions along side your content itself, as DTUBE can't build or host it all. That would be centralized. So we would have to call dtube "centralized tube" then. Not what i want to see personally.

@nathanmars, Yes, we all know that we are living in an world of Distraction where we can distract ourselves really easily because most of us compare ourselves with others.

But everyone holds an strong point and we have to work upon that point and we have to make that our Dynasty and in that way we have to grow in life.

And path of life is not easy nor hard, the thoughts which we hold in our mind makes our life easy or hard so, to improve our future we have to change our current pessimistic thoughts.

I want to say one thing that, whatever Delegations you are making, for sure it's reflecting that you are watching towards the true growth of Steem Community and for sure you will be backed by the kind deeds.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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I’m grateful for @steem-ua

They beg for delegations in discord.

Hi Nathan!

I just wanted to say I love what you are doing. I have given you a shout out in a couple of my #cryptopub posts so that my meager following knows about you and supports you.

Then you drop 777 STEEM POWER on an account, it looks like max upvote value jumps from $.01 to like .04 or something? It may not seem like a lot but you are quadrupling the votes of minnows....This is a huge boost for good content-producing steemians in this for the long haul.

So good for the platform. Well done!

You are doing amazing things for this community Nathan, I am fortunate to be a beneficiary of your goodness. You know what they say, the more you give, the more you receive....keep it up. Xo

I love that you are ACTIVELY supporting the steemit community. I am trying on a much smaller scale with @birdersofsteem trying to build a community of birders on #steemit I have delegated some of my steem to this project and think that a key to success of steemit and steem is to create many communities of interests on the platform. Keep up the great support. BTW I too love Gary V.

just upvoting to support your 'minnow' support. Wish 777 SP will do more this day and age.

can i please enter @steemitmamas they are a great group of lovely mamas and could use the support.
greetz from holland

this is awesome man. you’ve got some fantastic recommendations already!

we appreciate the generosity and look forward for steem to explode soon. the world needs to know about the amazing people here on the blockchain.

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Thanks man!

I believe that some extra ordinary Individual Steemians can make Steem explode:)

Happy Steeming!

You are really doing a great job and you are so much like Astonians like us that of course you are doing a great job to make you do such a great job so beautiful and to bring us a necessary step

I love Garry V I recently finished his new book crushing it and he really tells it like it is, not a game changer but it tells you exactly what you need to hear and cutes through the BS!

Anyways cool initiative and there are plenty of dLivea and dTubers who would to well with that kind of help!

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I had no option than to look at you after @steem-ua mentioned you several times, well I just delegated 25sp to @steem-ua and I wish I had more, I stopped posting because of due to lack of support but it looks like I am up again and I will start walking again thanks to those big accounts who have delegated. I will drop my dtube soon. God bless you @nathanmars

Thanks for compliments. I’m happy to hear your steem journe.

If you contribute to any community they’ll always find a way to support you.

Happy Steeming:)

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