Why Would I Leave Steem?

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One of the reasons why I have stayed engaging on Steem and also enjoy my time here is the fact that it allows me to gain different perspectives given its global reach. Recently, a post by one of my favorite content creators @nonsowrites talked about what would actually make him leave the community. It was pretty thoughtful and from a totally different perspective given not only our geographical differences but also our our differences in age. Since then, I have been thinking what would, if anything, make me leave the community I have grown passionate about.

It may seem like a simple question, but the fact of spending so much time here and investing resources into building my account makes it more difficult to answer that I would’ve thought. I have always said that I am a horrible trader as emotion often betray me and my investments. That is why I have made Steem into a long-term investment as I believe in the technology and community very much. However, it got me thinking whether this investment too has grown too emotional for me to have a clear mind of its future. Therefore, I wanted to sit and really think about what factors would need to happen for me to really think about shutting off the lights of my time and engagement here in the ecosystem.

One of the first things that immediately came to mind is what many of us probably look at first when trying to make this type of decision decision, price. Price has definitely been the main driver of engagement and net user additions over the last 2 to 3 years in the ecosystem. We saw how the bullish prices in 2017 led to a rapid period of growth until the bear market started in 2018. Due to the prolonged decline in prices, we saw our engagement numbers drop from the hundreds of thousands to barely achieving 40,000 a day at the lows. Despite a bounce we saw this year with the rest of the market, engagement and growth did not come at the same pace as the last rise; however, that was expected as the bounce wasn’t as strong as the prior one was.

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Given my long term view of the protocol and the potential of its development, price really does not concern me at this point. I have not invested resources in the expectation of a fast return nor have I made the investment to depend on any time soon. Of course, it would be my dream to do so at some point in time in the future; but not right now. Therefore, the only reason price would be a decision influencer for me is if it would no longer allow me to grow or build my account. However, one Steem is always equal to one Steem and as long as the community remains engaging, there is always a path to earn and build our accounts. I think that price will never be a factor in making me leave.

However, this brings up an important consideration which is the community and engagement. The time I spend engaging and reading through my feed is really interesting for many factors as it helps me gauge the ecosystem and its opportunities. We have already seen that despite a depressed period of activity where plenty of uncertainty was apparent, a core community arose to carry the ecosystem forward. I feel the community has influenced even the largest developer and stakeholder, Steemit to find ways to improve sustainability as now the costs to run the blockchain continue to fall and make it more decentralized and sustainable. Therefore, it could be said that despite more pressure on engagement, Steem will still survive. Having a place to engage no matter the adversity and challenges is another factor that keeps me coming back but without it, there will be little reason to continue. That is why I believe that the community is Steem’s most valuable asset.

I would be lying to say that one of the considerations that has me coming back even days when my time is very limited is Steem Monsters or Splinterlands. The way the developers have ensured players remain engage, find ways to earn Steem, and enjoy their experiences is an amazing way to keep me coming back. If that were to change materially or if the gameplay would become unbalanced or boring, I would also have a higher chance of leaving the ecosystem. However, the development team continues to push the limits of the protocol and demonstrate its capabilities and flexibility for all Steemians and drives new users as well.

Even as I write this, I cannot visualize a day without engaging some way or form here with the Steem community. I have not even considered the additional items around the ecosystem like delegation passive income, projects like @actifit among many other promising projects that continue to be highlighted by the community like Steem Engine and Tribes. While I may have made an awful attempt to answer the question of what may make me leave the ecosystem, I am happy that I still feel this way despite the challenges that continue to overhang the community. Let’s keep Steeming!

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Community is definitely the best asset we have and probably the envy of other blockchains that struggle to get the engagement we do.

Saludos @newageinv

Ya que nadie se va, sigamos haciendo Steemit.

No parar, ni para acumular impulso!

Saludos @newageinv

Esa es la actitud!

Time is money and right now steems prices are trash and no one hardly upvotes anyones good quality content so really makes it not worth it anymore lol. On top of that a company that continues to sell hordes of their own token and gives nothing back to the community. Steem around here seems like a one way street a big ATM for steemit for the last two years.

That ATM is running dry as the network becomes more decentralized. Also, given how Tribes are now re-distributing tokens, it will be interesting to see how they continue to dominate the influence here.

Thoughtful post. I contemplate this often...I like your perspective.

Thanks! I was happy to go through the process and actually find myself more engagement and wanting more Steem (even though I am holding a bit to watch prices closely).

For now, I think steem is the best in terms of with it offers the end-users. We might not have a rising user base but the activities and projects here keep increasing. That for me is a major factor why I won't leave. The price can go as low as possible at this point for me, it doesn't really matter anyone. All I want now is to give people the opportunity to partake in this great initiative.

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I have to agree. Even at a low price, I would find myself engaging in multiple ways to see this out forward. Steem Monster cards can continue to rise in value if the protocol holds up and remain cheap to sustain as they have achieved lately.

You're right... there's so much to do here!

Even though it's quiet I still find I have to manage my time quite carefully!

They'll all be back when the price starts to rise too'which it will - so much potential here!

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Yes! I like the fact that my mediocre abilities of creating content at least have some time to remain pertinent and present given the low amount of posts relative to last year. I think it has helped me gain confidence and some great users that engage with me every day!

To me, it's not really a question if I would leave having my blog itself has quite some value to me aside from any of the post-earnings. The question is more if I would keep up with a daily post routine even on days I'm not up for it and continue to hold and accumulate SP. I'm always flipping between seeing huge long term potential as this new idea could be adopted by the masses and being annoyed by the post2mine mentality where it's all just about the $$ thinking it will never ever work long term. Like you say, the community is really strong here and I have no doubt about the platform surviving. This idea of being able to earn something this way makes many people emotionally invested and really pushes things forward with everyone finding ways to make it all work. The platform certainly has it's flaws though.

I can relate as I often find myself tied to engaging given the opportunity cost of not doing so instead of what I will get out of a post. I think it is a fair balance but it is also what makes it fun for me.

The depressed price and lost in engagement can get anyone down or leave the community. It's funny even when the steemit wasn't transparent, I remained hopeful because of the potential. Now that steemit is getting there act together I grow more confident. But in actuality, it the community and amazing developers that give me the most hope. So I will stick with steem to the end...regardless of what happens.

It's a conundrum not easy to follow but I think that the risk/reward here is better than it has ever been since I have been present. Now it is more a fact of how to get into a holding pattern while the perception externally catches up to the development progress made here this year.

Seems like an awful lot would have to change to make you want to leave.
Now you've got me thinking and I believe that as long as there is the community here then I don't think I would permanently leave. Things outside of here might become more of a distraction, but I don't think I could stay away permanently.

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That is exactly what I have thought as everything I consider still has a way to keep me coming back. The community and development here is clearly exciting for the future of the ecosystem.

Hola @newageinv interesante y todo un aprendizaje tus palabras… lo único que puede hacer que yo deje Steemit es que nos quiten Internet definitivamente.

Hello @newageinv interesting and all a learning your words ... the only thing that can make me leave Steemit is that we take off the Internet definitively.

De acuerdo! Ya hemos pasado por mucho para no tener éxito!

I igree, man

the price is a grand problemn

Yes, it is indeed in my thoughts. However, those of us who remain now will remember each other when the next bull run occurs!

Actually price is an important factor for many Steem users out there and because of price downtrend engagement is reduced. But as you said 1 steem will always be 1 Steem and for anyone with long term it doesn't matter. I also have long term vision with steem and not worried what's the price of it now. Engagement is definitely important and a kind of boost to authors.


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I think we have a short term boost in engagement thanks to the Tribes so hopefully we can build upon it!

The content needs to fun and cool, otherwise it will be boring!

Entertainment is always the fundamental need of content to entangle the community but I also think the potential of networking here helps a lot.

Hi @newageinv

Knowing how other people from around the world see things is also my reason for being active on Steemit. I love to learn what other user think, how are they socially programmed etc.

I seriously hope you won't give up on Steemit. That would be a huge lose for many of us.

However, this brings up an important consideration which is the community and engagement.

Wouldn't you agree, that most people are willing to engage. However visibility of publications is not allowing them to even know about your new posts.

ps. Thx for introducing us to @nonsowrites

Yours, Piotr

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Reasons I would leave:

The content is no longer interesting.
The price got low enough we couldn't keep witnesses.
Security risks.
The most likely reason:
Something that interests me more comes along.

For now I am here and engaged.

Great summary! The interesting fact is that the longer we go along as we are currently, the less likely these reasons will occur.

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