Attitude and Activity.

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My vision going forward

Yesterday I was posting about leaders on the blockchain and the people that i look to emulate. It was all to do with their qualities and why they have become community leaders. In my eyes at least.
We all tend to have leadership qualities to some extend or another, so what makes these people stand out more than the rest.


You can have all the talent in the world but if you aren't willing to put in the hard work it will go to waste. Naturally talented people who just coast through life without any effort are not quite a myth but rather an exception.
There are probably a few people who just win without trying but the majority of those talented people put in the hard work and practice to hone their skills to a razor edge.

So it's again a question of attitude to the task. Looking at the people that I follow on steemit and whom i think are doing it best, they all have a lot of things in common. Firstly they are all very active. They post, comment, interact and vote for quality content. This is important in my eyes as it the cornerstone of steemit. Without people doing these activities there is no reason to be here.

Personally i do love to write but it would always have been fiction and short stories. At the moment that isn't going to be very relevant to the site that we operate on in its current form. Hopefully in the future there will be a much bigger community for writing and stories but that is for another day. (There is some community here but not what I am looking for right now).
Blogging and creating interesting content is a totally different beast.

My perception of sharing my thoughts was usually among friends and contained content highly inappropriate for most audiences, so steemit was a shock to the system at first. People posting and writing about various topics, a lot i had never heard of before and a huge emphasis on high quality content. It took a while to find my feet and even longer to try and share any of my thoughts. Not the highly inappropriate and un-pc ones to be fair.

Trying to find topics and getting started has always been the stumbling block to my activity on steemit but this is where attitude comes back into play for me. I am determined to grow my account, to grow my influence and to be a better steemian. To reach this goal I have decided to change my attitudes and in relation to that change my activities.

The other thing that my leaders have in common is there commitment to the steemit community. They are all involved in groups or projects that have the future of the site and blockchain at the heart of them. They are all actively trying the improve what we have here and to grow and retain our userbase. All of these will be vital going forward as we try to adapt to real world usage and hopefully a big increase in users and in value.

For my part i will be posting more, interacting more and getting involved more. My plan is to find my own little niche on steemit and bring a few people with me. I want to grow my account and be a part of something more on here. My future plan is to create an initiative that will help to improve the situation of ten separate accounts. I haven't put anything in place right now but planning will be required before taking anything on.

If anybody out there has any suggestions, ideas, requests or thoughts on this feel free to let me know in the comments or on discord.