Effectiveness of SMT support by @misterdelegation and Steemit Inc.

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The STEEM blockchain is currently preparing for the launch of SMT’s and Steemit Inc. is doing it bit to support developers and DApps that are built upon the STEEM Blockchain. Steemit Inc shows its support by way of delegation of Steem Power via @misterdelegation.

Each of the DApps has the opportunity to create their own SMT on the STEEM blockchain and ultimately this delegation is supporting the launch of SMT’s.



In the last few months we have seen several new DApps appear and @misterdelegation is now supporting more developers than ever. Currently there is 16,354,836.69 SP out on delegation. The table below shows who is in receipt of this delegation, how much SP they have been delegated and the current vote worth of the amount delegated.


Aim of Analysis

The aim of this analysis is to establish and present data in a meaningful way to enable readers of this report asses the effectiveness of the delegation by each delegate. All values provided are based on the DApps delegated SP by Misterdelegation and excludes owned SP and all other delegations.


The scope of Analysis was a 45 day period from 1st June to the 15th July. Please note that @fundition and @tasteem did not receive delegation until 13th June.

All data was taken from STEEMSQL. The full queries used to gather the data can be found below the post.
This report was produced on request by @birdinc

High Level Overview

The table below shows each of the delegates, the number of votes they made in the 45 day period, the average voting weight used, the value of the votes( Vote worth,), the average vote value and the number of distinct authors voted for. This table has been sorted by the value of the votes given.


The chart below shows the DApps by the average % vote given. @fundition is way out ahead with an average % vote of over 65% and on the lower end, before the flagging accounts we have @steemhunt at 1.69%


The donut chart below shows the number of distinct authors voted for during the time period along with the % of distinct authors that have received votes with the delegated power. @esteemapp out in front with almost 3K authors reach which make up 19% of the total authors reached from all the apps listed.


The pie chart below shows the amount given out in votes with the delegation by Dapp. Dlive has distributed over 22% distributing over 87K in rewards just from the delegated SP they have received.


Finally, the chart below shows the number of votes given. We can see that @mack-bot has given out 30% of the votes or in this case flags. 46K flags in 45 days.


Detailed Analysis


@busy.pay has received 3.9% of the delegation and has given out 5.7% of the rewards to 10.86% of the authors with 11.9% of the votes given.

@dlive has 12.66% of the delegation but has given out 24.28% of the rewards to 15.59% of the authors with 5.5% of the votes given.

@dsound has 6.07% of the delegation and has given out 10.49% of the rewards to 2.24% of the authors with 2.22% of the votes given.

@dtube has 12.34% of the delegation and has given out 20.93% of the rewards to 4.49% of the authors with 1.42% of the votes given.

@esteemapp has 3.08% of the delegation and has given out 3.97% of the rewards to 24.36% of the authors with 8.36% of the votes given.

@fundition has 6.13% of the delegation and has given out 4.07% of the rewards to 0.85% of the authors with 0.17% of the votes given.

@sndbox has 0.92% of the delegation and has given out 1.07% of the rewards to 9.61% of the authors with 1.71% of the votes given.

@steemhunt has 6.13% of the delegation and has given out 10.28% of the rewards to 10.57% of the authors with 16.53% of the votes given.

@steemit-jp has 1.53% of the delegation and has given out 2.16% of the rewards to 3.57% of the authors with 2.94% of the votes given.

@steempress-io has 6.13% of the delegation and has given out 9.09% of the rewards to 6.77% of the authors with 4.54% of the votes given.

@tasteem has 6.13% of the delegation and has given out 8.34% of the rewards to 12.72% of the authors with 8.09% of the votes given.

@utopian-io has 6.28% of the delegation and has given out 8.96% of the rewards to 11.16% of the authors with 2.99% of the votes given.

@mack-bot has 1.56% of the delegation and has returned 0.54% to the rewards pool from 5.58% of the authors with 30% of the votes/flags given.

@spaminator has 16.46% of the delegation and has returned 4.15% to the rewards pool from 4.27% of the authors with 2.19% of the votes/flags given.

@steemcleaners has 9.25% of the delegation and has returned 5.27% to the rewards pool from 6.53% of the authors with 1.44% of the votes/flags given.

2.5% of the delegation goes to @bittrex @poloniex, @binance-hot and @trendings-grace and has not been un used.


SP Ratio Score

With all this data is it hard to establish which account is most effective with their delegated SP. So I have used this data to devise a scoring system.

Using the table above in detailed analysis shows the % each accounts contributed to the group overall in terms of % SP they received by delegation, % rewards $, % of votes and % of authors reached.
From here I have calculated some ratios against the % SP. Each of these ratios have been added together to provide a score from which I can rank the delegates. This is the SP ratio score.

I dont speak chinese sorry.png


@mack-bot, with such a large Votes/SP ratio and the third highest Author/SP ratio comes in with the highest SP Ratio Score

@sndbox, tops the Author/SP ratio score at 10.45 and comes in second on the SP ratio score

For those interested I have ran some descriptive statistics on the above table of data



Congratulations to all delegates on receiving this delegation, and also to Steemit Inc. and it’s team for making such delegations. It would make you wonder if @ned has a delegation policy and if so, maybe he would consider sharing it?

The aim of this analysis was to gather and present data so that you can make an informed decision as to the effectiveness each delegate is with their delegated power and was not to given personal opinion on how effective each delegate is with their power.

When running this analysis again, what further data would you like to see included to evaluate the effectiveness of the deletion in support of future SMT's?

What are your opinions on the effectiveness and effective use of the SP delegated?

The Data and Code

The vote value for each DApp used the in calculations was based only on the SP delegated from @misterdelegation.

As mentioned above, the data was extracted from STEEMSQL. I used Power BI to extract, transform and model the data.

The M Code used to gather and transform the data was

Source = Sql.Database("vip.steemsql.com", "DBSteem", [Query="SELECT#(lf)*#(lf)FROM #(lf)Txvotes (NOLOCK)#(lf)#(lf)WHERE [voter] in ('steemhunt','steempress-io','binance-hot','busy.pay','dlive','dsound','dtube','esteemapp','mack-bot', 'sndbox','spaminator','steemcleaners','trendings-grace','utopian-io','steemit-jp','tasteem','fundition' )#(lf) AND CONVERT(DATE,timestamp) BETWEEN '2018-06-01' AND '2018-07-15'"]),
#"Changed Type" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(Source,{{"timestamp", type date}}),
#"Added Custom" = Table.AddColumn(#"Changed Type", "Custom", each [weight]/10000),
#"Changed Type1" = Table.TransformColumnTypes(#"Added Custom",{{"Custom", Percentage.Type}}),
#"Renamed Columns" = Table.RenameColumns(#"Changed Type1",{{"Custom", "% weight"}})
#"Renamed Columns"


Great information. I was already feeling a bit lost with all these apps and projects here on Steemit. I now have used only 4 of those from the list, did now knew the purpose of the others

I will be doing detailed posts on each of these apps, but as there are so many and data posts take ages, it will be spread over a few weeks. Keep an eye out for them and you will learn more about them

Oh awesome,sure,for some of those I know only a little about

All the different apps are the real power of the Steem blockchain!

This is very encouraging news! From what i understand SMT's will run on the Steem blockchain and are similar to a ERC-20. I think we all are just waiting for new info on Steem/Steemit. This is a fantastic platform/blockchain we just need to take it up a notch and SMT's will do that!!!


thank you for the resteem

Very interesting. Thanks for putting together this data for us in a way we can make sense of it. It seems like you're more likely to get an upvote from some platforms, but for a lesser amount. Conversely, you may be luckiest on dtube given how big an upvote will be, but you'll need to be lucky to get one at all.

I dont know the voting policies but I do hope that quality of content is considered by Dtube

Amazing. Thanks for sharing!

:-) thank you. Glad you liked it, hope it has some useful information.

Hi @paulag, I'm @checky ! While checking the mentions made in this post I noticed that @fundation doesn't exist on Steem. Did you mean to write @fundition ?

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Superb analysis. Thanks for sharing.

thank you

This is the future of Steemit and projects need this precious delegation to grow the ecosystem.

I agree, these projects need this delegation to grow

This looks like a good indication of better things to happen soon, have already seen dlive and dtube every here and there on Steemit

@paulag thank you for precious analysis it help us to understand how big accounts get SP. Maybe sometime we get a little delegation too

ha ha that be nice

Hi @paulag, very interesting approach! I like the scoring system. Even though mack-bot pops out there due to the large number of vote receivers, I think it represents a good overview across the "upvoting" delegations.

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Thank you for checking and commenting my latest posts related to resteeming bots. I hope you found it valuable :)

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