Together with Mutual Cooperation we can be Realized

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Hi Everyone

Helping each other without reward is the attitude of the Mutual Cooperation, which is the tradition and culture of the Indonesian people since time immemorial.


Mutual cooperation activities in my village are still carried out today.

Recently we worked together to build sports facilities, namely a volleyball court facility.

Volleyball is one of the sports that we really enjoy, so we want to build the sports facilities to create the seeds of volleyball athletes.

We started the mutual cooperation activities by cleaning up the bushes in the location where the volleyball field was built.

The wide bushes and old wells made us overwhelmed by hoarding and cleaning them, so that to flatten and clean them we were assisted by heavy equipment in the form of Beco.


Thanks to the cohesiveness of mutual cooperation that we have done, the sports facilities, namely the volleyball field that we have been dreaming of, can be realized.

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