Mysterious hairy 'globster' washes up on a beach. It's being called an omen of doom.

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Mysterious hairy 'globster' washes up on a beach. It's being called an omen of doom.
A foul smelling "globster sea creature" has washed up in the Philippines, leading frightened villagers to vow it is a sign of doom, reported news outlets such as the British tabloid, the Sun. The big, hairy carcass showed up May 11 on a beach near the town of San Antonio in the Oriental Mindoro province, according to multiple media outlets. Early coverage has appeared in the same types of media outlets that cover ghost and alien abductions. However, National Geographic acknowledged some similar mysterious "hairy blob" discoveries last year, suggesting the find isn't a hoax. The Sunday Express summed up a less scientific perspective Saturday under the headline: “BAD OMEN as 20ft SEA MONSTER sparks


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