Part four of "It was raining somewhere near night yesterday"

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Hello guys, hope you are well and will enjoy my writing (this series..)

When she saw the madness in the open, a girl from the opposite side stood in the face of crying. Seeing only, said, "Budi, come on, mother, how are you doing!"

'why, what happened ? Madness was astonished. 'I do not know how to cry, screaming.' The madness came out suddenly and looked at the neighboring house. Name of the young girl Anupama But in his face there is such a dull eagerness that he does not like it.

Standing at the door of the house, Anupama's mother lying on the floor lying on the ground. Lips closed, hand spreading, fist open Quickly approached and placed his hand on his chest and saw him breathing through the nose. At first he felt the need of smelling salts. Then he discarded the idea and said, "Come with the jelly, and a fan."

Anupama quickly brought the things to the forearm, the wind blows in the face of a bit. Then he did not get the courage and said, "I do not feel good, can you bring the doctor to the turn?

Only the Anupama couple found the order. In the meanwhile, there was a lot of crowd in the shout at the shout. Both of them were still sitting on the bed watching their mother sitting on the bed. The windows in this room do not allow the air to enter the gap. There is no boisterousness, lack of hollow around. Madabilata said, "You stand aside brother, let the breeze come."

Girls move a little. But not straightforward. They all left Anupama's mother and saw Madhubilita. This slum has been many years, but he does not know anything other than master. Housewife's daughter, a little bit of a monster, does not go to someone's house, and does not talk to anyone of this person without the need. As it is, there is a little jealousy. About him The mastery is blowing windy mother today - she can not cope with the temptation to see the scene. They are this time "

The voice of Moksha's old voice was heard, "What has happened, do not waste a little, what do you see?"

Six years old does not have to give place to the old, she does it herself. He removed his gap and melted the door, "Aa, buma?" A middle-aged man said, "The mother has become unconscious!"

'Seki! What is it? Moksha Buri was shocked. And if someone hurts, "Do you have any problem today?" "I did not do it and did? The old woman entered the house with hammers. Then the body of the mother of the mother of the mother said, 'The toothpaste has gone. Chicken Who's sitting here? "

Madabilata looked steadfast towards the old man. He did not have any other role except in quarrels in the night. But on the neck of the mother of the mother, she seemed to be quite like other people during her arms.

He said in a low voice, "I live in the front room."

"Yes, no name or La? Stand up, hear the voice of the voice! Ah! You're not the master? How did you come here? I have heard that you do not fall on the ground! Is your son Bapu just opposite? "

Madabilata said, "Keep my words."

This time there was a lot of excitement outside. Anupama removed the doctor and brought the doctor to the house. In the morning on the lungi the Punjabi came after the gentleman. By looking at the pulse, measuring the chest, pulling the eyelids, the doctor shook his head, "Does he fit often?"

Looking at the gravity of the question Madabilata saw anupama. Anupama does not pull the neck. Answered . Madabilata replied, "No. This is what happened from the excitement today.

The doctor said, "I do not understand well. Take him to the hospital right now. "An abrupt cry came out of Anupama's mouth. And then the crowd shouted at the door, "What has happened?"

Anupama cried, "The mother has become unconscious. The doctor said to take him to the hospital. "Shabd said," The father did not pay the money. He said the hand was empty. Then ran away from the eye.

Doctor Babu said, "My money." Madabilata looked at the resemblance. Anku said, "There is no money. Parents give up the money of the market.

Doctor Babu is feeling. In the meantime, he knew Madhubilata. He looked at him and said, "Firstly, the call is not hand-in-hand."