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It is happening boys and girls. The paradigm shift that I write about is taking place before our eyes.

What is that paradigm shift?

Basically, for those unfamiliar, it is an incentive based system that pays for your attention. Where you focus your attention and activity, there are rewards. This is no different than the present system we are operating under except for one detail: it is you who is being paid.

We know that our attention has value. Look at the marketcap for companies like Facebook and Google. They monetized the data that is collected off their platforms. What is that data telling? It essentially tells companies where you focus.

@partiko, one of the most widely used interfaces in the world of blockchain, started a new project.

Each day billions of people tune into the news. It is the rare one who can avoid this totally. The purveying of information is big business. Broadcast news rakes in a lot of dollars in advertising. Once again, CNN, Fox, and MSNBC all know the value of your eyeballs. So does the NFL, NBA, and MLB. In short, everyone is trying to monetize your attention.

Since we are operating on a platform that believes you should be compensated for what you do, the @partiko project fits right in. They developed an application called Buzzbreak (@buzzbreak). This is an app for mobile devices that rewards people for simply reading the news.


At present, they are creating points as opposed to a full cryptocurrency. This could be added at a later date depending upon the interest in the project. For this reason alone, everyone reading these words should download the application and use it for your news services.

In the meantime, they are going to pay the Buzzbreak to a PayPal account. Hopefully this is a raging success so they do turn to a platform like Steem-Engine and create a token.

They are also holding different contests at the moment to kick off interest. The details are found in the introduction post.

I absolutely love this idea. I have to admit I did not have time to check the application out so I am posting without the first hand use experience.

What really gets my attention with this is that it is offering rewards for something hundreds of millions of people do each day anyway. Most of the platforms have news feeds that people look at throughout the day. These add value to the platforms while providing the viewers with little. This application changes it.

A move like this can be a real game changer for the world of cryptocurrency. We are still seeking the one thing that captures the attention of the masses. Ultimately, it could be a good starting point to reward people for what they already do. An application like this could hold potential because it is so simple. Having a low barrier to entry with a small learning curve is vital.

I hope this project really takes off. Whatever the future for it, I am excited that we are starting to see the unfolding of the paradigm shift to a new economic model.

Once again, present Steemians are going to be elated a couple years down the road. There are a lot of wonderful developments taking place.

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Hey taskmaster,

Im wondering if holding your taskmaster token on bitshares still provide any benefit? You use to pay out some daily but havent seen a thing in months.... whats the deal?

I never set up a token on bitshares.

It could be a good idea though.

Just saw your name and it was similar so it reminded me I had shares. Looks like the project died though.

Maybe I'm jumping to conclusion but he is powering down. Messaged the guy, hoping to hear back.

I did see a Buzz Kill.

I downloaded the app and it asked for a Facebook log in.

Come on, are you serious? Facebook?

It makes sense who they are targeting , the moth that flock to the Facebook login light. It is a pretty clever move if you ask me, give them what they are use to while they explore a whole new world.

Posted using Partiko iOS

That is a good point.

Thanks for pointing that out. It could be shrewd since that is after the masses are.

I think that incentive here is money. Not ease of use through use of fb credentials. No?

Posted using Partiko Android

Yeah but if they had to use posting keys and active keys , even regular email, many wouldn’t try right ?

Scenario 1
“ hmm interesting I can make money for reading news , shit I need an active key , ah gotta sign up , put my email ( notification from Instagram pops , they leave to look at singing dogs never to return )

Scrnario 2.

“ oh I can make money from reading the news , nice I can login with Facebook! Click click ( they are in )

Now I’m not being rude but we have to keep in mind the short attention span of the masses.

No, i agree with the short attention span and ease of use bit. May be email would have been better but i am probably saying that coz i am negatively biased towards fb more than gmail.

Posted using Partiko Android

Exactly my concern. The wallet requires Facebook login. I dropped using fb a year ago. Can't use buzzbreak till they get rid of compulsory fb requirement.

Posted using Partiko Android

You lost me when explaining the rewards are presently tied to PayPal. Will check it out when anonymous crypto is in use.

Nifty idea, but they lost me at Facebook and PayPal I'm afraid.

Posted using Partiko Android

Reward people for what they already do

That's exactly the idea! Thank you for writing about us!

Posted using Partiko Android

The problem is you tying into Facebook.

That is not a good thing to do in my view.

That will change soon. However if you think from the adoption perspective, Facebook is the best login method. They have 2 billion monthly active users plus there's a social network to spread the word.

If things go as planned, Google will be added soon next.

Posted using Partiko Android

Is there a way to do it with an email log in?

We will ask around more and see if that's what people prefer.

The problem with email login is that we need to keep your password. A decent risk for an app with wallet.

Posted using Partiko Android

I would prefer google over Facebook but would prefer logging in with Steem over both 😊

Posted using Partiko iOS

I don't have Facebook so can not use your new app :( Please give us an email login etc.

Posted using Partiko Android

Would Google login work for you? Thanks!

Posted using Partiko Android

I have a Google login so that is a better bet in my opinion (simply because I have android and cant get away without google).

Nevertheless, I do like your project...I think it is a grand slam idea.

No I don't do Google either.

Posted using Partiko Android

Will we be able to tie in our steem accounts and earn steem or partiko points?

Posted using Partiko Android

You can already do that in Partiko right?

Posted using Partiko Android

I am saying for the buzzbreak app. Instead of using Facebook and paypal

Posted using Partiko Android

This is a great move! I hope they take the next step and tokenize it here on the Steem blockchain as it coukd be a great opportunity to apply transparency into the business model!

Posted using Partiko iOS

It's starting, boys!


Posted using Partiko Android

Another great post! Thanks for the info buddy!!

Posted using Partiko Android

great to see.. they might just pull me away from Flipboard when they get into the IOS app store and don't have the signup through a Facebook account.

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Hope all people used partiko

Posted using Partiko Android

Thank you! Hope it happens!

Posted using Partiko Android

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I have had a look at it, but unfortunately it is not possible to filter the news yourself (yet). That is a big drawback for me.

Very cool idea though, so I'll check it later to see if that has changed.

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That’s great; the platform continues to be “engaging”. I’m excited about the potential there could be in years to come!!

Posted using Partiko iOS

This is basically the same thing brave browser is doing right now.

Posted using Partiko Android

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