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So, I'm a 5th year Med Student in Nigeria and honestly, it's not been easy just learning to care for people in a country that apparently doesn't care about me.

Most times I complain, people just tell me to endure because it's almost over and I apparently have iust one year left. They say:

When you finish med school, leave the country.
If you're broke, borrow money and leave the country.
If there's no one to borrow money from, sell some of your property and leave the country.
If you have no property, steal property, sell it and leave the country.
Whatever happens, just leave the country!!!

I'm faced with a serious dilemma here, really.
Nigeria is a promising country, just with terrible leaders.
I love my country but does my country love me back?
To keep still and watch things not working or move on to a better place?


Oh, I thought you'd never ask.
So, being me, I have a slight emotional attachment to all my paediatric patients. I know all their names. One of them was named... well, I'm not sure if it's ethically right to put up his name but... I'll call him Dee.


Dee was hands down one of my favourite paediatric patients. He was a 16 year old who was witty, funny, optimistic, smart and promising. He suffered from Burkitts Lymphoma
You can read it up from the link above but if you'd want me to make a post on it, let me know in the comment section.

Source: Typical presentation of Burkitt's Lymphoma

As is the case in teaching hospitals, tests were run, other units were invited to review. My unit (haemato-oncology) was also invited. We decide to run some more tests.

Mother of the boy got cranky, complained about how we were wasting time. Eventually, four days later, we started him on chemotherapy. I remembered clearly the relief on the face of his parents the Friday we started the chemotherapy. His father was overjoyed to know that chemo was all he needed.

After the weekend, we resumed school on Monday and Dee was significantly better. He was stronger and happier. He could communicate better. All swellings were shrinking.

If you must have a cancer, choose Burkitt's Lymphoma

On Tuesday during rounds, he was remarkably better. His once bitter and salty mother was so sweet and thankful but we saw he was slightly anemic. Yeah chemo does that. We decided he needed transfusion to raise his hemoglobin and allow his chemo continue.

On Wednesday, I got to the ward early and decided to do my normal ritual of seeing all the patients before rounds. Dee's space was empty, his bed had been taken out. I asked if he had surgery and I was hit with the news of Dee's death.
Dee, who had battled cancer had died of a transfusion reaction while a nurse transfused him by 2am.

A girl was shook.

In honour of Dee, I'll be doing a series of post on my frustrations with Nigeria and proceeds from the posts will be given to patients in distress


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  2. Burkitt's Lymphoma



This is really sad. What exactly is a transfusion reaction. I feel so pained here, like I'm related to him.

How could he battle the giant cancer but succumbed to blood transfusion reaction (whatever that is)? Was there negligence on a staff part? Did he have some form of condition that made him react to the transfusion? What? Please let us know.

This story didn't explain that part.

And also, while this may sound harsh, those people at the start of your post were right. Nigeria is a messed-up country and it will take more than good intentions and a few good hearts to set it straight.

A transfusion reaction is a system allergic reaction that occurs following transfusion of inadequately screened blood.

I agree with you, Nigeria has a long way to go, but while we're here, we can do our tiny little bit.

So sorry about your friend once again. And you are right, we can do our little part with Nigeria and only hope it is enough.

May he find peace after life here, keep the good job on, you can only try your best and ask God to bless the rest. Weldone Doc.

But why would one choose burkitt's Lyphoma?

Because in Burkitt's Lymphoma, once chemotherapy is started, you can achieve complete cure, very unlike other cancers.

Alright, I understand but none will be our portion

I'll like you to make post about that Burkitts Lymphoma.

I've followed, upvoted and resteemed for more visibility.

Please tell us more stories of your experience as a doctor...

If you must have a cancer, choose Burkitt's Lymphoma

But why?

Thank you so much @tojukaka. The post will be up soon.

But why?

Because Burkitt's Lymphoma is the fastest growing tumour with a doubling time of 24 hours; this means that every 24 hours, the tumour cells double in number and the tumour doubles in size.

But don't freak out yet, Burkitt's is basically "all bark, no bite" comparable to Enugu agbero boys 😂

Once chemotherapy is started, you can achieve complete cure, very unlike other cancers.

Hello @the.chiomz this is quite sad, he did not die during the chemotherapy, but instead he died during a blood tranfusion.
May his soul rest in peace.

@steemhelpinghand is a charity organisation set up to eradicate poverty and save lives, do reach out to us on discord, your help will be needed for our project if you dont mind, you could be part of our journey to save lives and prevent cases like this from occuring in the future.
Chat phunke on discord.

Thank you


Really really sad.
I wouldn't mind a bit. I'll be sure to reach out to you ASAP.
Thank you.

wow this is really deep. such attachment to your patients is really advisable, because only then can you go beyond the normal. nice work @the.chiomz

Thank you very much @akiripromise.
Well, being so attached can also be very heart breaking which is why most doctors would rather not.

I can't really blame them but I hope I never lose my humanity.

O my God I hope he gets better in some way

Maybe in his afterlife, if that is a thing

May his soul rest in peace. Honestly this is why I couldn't practice u after 2years of Interning becaused I couldn't stand things like this. I felt I'll literally die Young from hypertension thinking about my patients

Honestly, it's so heartbreaking to know that a person died when they didn't have to.

Huh, sorry for your lost, may he rest in perfect peace.
Nigeria a promising country, with bad leaders,
You called your youths the leaders of tomorrow but you elders are leaders yourself , the so called leaders care for no one but themselves, how they andtheir fourth generation would survive, foolish poeple.

While Indeed a very sad outcome for sure, your efforts improved his life and the life of his family around him, even if for a little while. I feel for the weight that must lay heavy on you, but know you did good in helping someone, and you will continue to do that for others.

Thanks a lot for the encouraging words 😊

Thank you so much for the resteem @eurogee

Really pathetic. God in control.

Am really touched, i just hate everything about cancer, its rare for it victims to survive it. I lost my beloved bro. After he develop cancer. Its an unfortunate disease in the world. No mercy

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