Save your SBD and crypto from Poloniex before they are Gone!

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Useful information for Steem and SBD users

The title of my post is not a clickbait. This post is written to share some useful information that could help you save your hard earned SBD and some other crypto that you may have on

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time use to be a popular exchange to buy steem and SBD.
As per a Notification by Poloniex dated 31st May 2019, SBD can no longer be deposited or traded on
In the current scenario SBD withdrawal is the only option left for the users.
At the time of writing this post SBD is no longer being traded on the exchange and the deposit option has simply vanished from the list of cryptos.

Till when can I withdraw SBD from my Poloniex account ?

Final date to withdraw SBD June 17th at 16:00 UTC

The axe is falling not only on SBD but also on a number of currencies
Here are the last withdrawal deadlines for recently-delisted assets :
poloniex sbd notification.jpg

SYS: June 3rd at 16:00 UTC
MINT, MYR, GRS, QTL, and RDD: June 10th at 16:00 UTC
SBD, HUC, XCP, PPC, and BURST: June 17th at 16:00 UTC
NMC: July 17th at 16:00 UTC

Please act now and spread the word

So if you hold SBD or any other about to be delisted crypto on please act fast and check if you hold any crypto in your wallet that is about to be delisted. If you hold any such crypto move the crypto to another exchange or better still a personal wallet.
Please resteem this post and share it with those who hold and use crypto so that people can be saved from a scheduled relisting and crypto loss.

Here is a good way to earn on steemit:


Hi @thetimetravelerz

Wow I must warn all my Venezuelan friends that some of them have SBD on that site.
This must be public. gives me permission to publish it in Spanish. You can quote from where you get this information.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Yes go ahead and translate.please include a link to my original post.the image notification is from the poloniex dashboard .

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If possible do resteem this post so English speaking people can also save their crypto

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Hi @thetimetravelerz

Luckily I do not have any resources on Poloniex. Thanks for that info. I will definetly share it with others.


Thanks buddy the idea behind the post is that we can help people save their hard earned crypto.appreciate your support in getting the word around

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Thank you @thetimetravelerz for your valuable comment :)

And enjoy your upcoming weekend,

I see you are writing to help people so I am resteeming to spread the word around
Good luck

ya would check and take the =necessary action thanks

ok would do the needful

thanks had almost forgotten about this...

Hi @alz190 I am glad I could be of help

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"decommisioned" appears to be a polite way for them to say "we will steal your crypto".

Dear @redpossum Crypto is real money and leaving it in a centralized exchange wallet is not the best option

Hi @thetimetravelerz I know this post from @crypto.piort can I know what is poloniex ??
And how about the one in Steemit, does that include Poloniex ??

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Hi @anitacarolina Poloniex or is a crypto exchange. So if you have a particular crypto like BTC you can exchange it for another crypto like steem .
For this to happen you need to have an account on or some other exchange.
So crypto exchange basically means a site where you can exchange one crypto for another depending upon what you need and what you have.
For exchange if you check you wallet you would see that you have 1.44 steem .
Now suppose you want to change this to bitcoin you would need the help of an exchange site like
Steemit on the other hand is a platform where you can write a post .In return you may earn a reward if you buy an upvote or if other readers upvote your post.
Hope this info helps :)
Really appreciate your stopping by and leaving your wonderful comment

Hi @thetimetravelerz thanks for the explanation😄😄

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resteemed to maximize the reach

Thanks @twistytango appreciate your support

Thank you so much, very useful information 👍🏿

Dear @thetimetravelerz, thank you for this valuable information, personally I do not have cryptos in poloniex but I will help spread this information.

Thank you.

Dear @fucho80 thanks for your support

Gracias por la información amigo.

hola amigo @leonardo77
You r welcome my friend

Hello @thetimetravelerz

Why is that? Why SBD? Is Steem coin in danger?

Hey ;)

I Don't think STEEM itself is in danger, except in Poloniex, so if You have some there, better listen to @TheTimeTravelerz advice and move them to other place to avoid loosing any of it ;)
Just pay attention and try as bast as possible to verify the authenticity of the "new place", to again, avoid any loss ^^⁾


Man! Nice to see you again!

I don't even have money in my bank account

But anyway, thank you very much for the advice and also for taking a weight off my shoulders.

Keep in touch!

Have a great Sunday...

Yeah, I haven't left (yet), and don't really know if I will for sure, still trying to work around, working hard in the house even if I have to say goodbye, but for a few more days or a couple weeks (not sure about the timeline) I'm still around and will try to make a couple more posts and so on.. x)

Wish everything is good with You and Yours ^^D

You too brother, have an awesome time ^^)

I'm also glad to see that you're still around @cyberspacegod :)

Sort of, still doing a lot of things, but I'm doing the best I can to stay, Thank You =))

I've been so tired physically and mentally.. that haven't made a single post for an entire week, and there is yet too much to do and no guarantees of nothing, and it's hurting inside even more than outside, it doesn't matter, I'll deal with it either way..

Hope everything is good with You and Yours, ohh and I've received and like the topics of the last 2 memos but time didn't allow to even read the posts in detail.. =S

Have an awesome day @Crypto.Piotr and thank You again, for caring ;)

I guess when it comes to money and crypto it is best to keep it in your own wallet.
where you have control of your private keys

Yes, that's a fact. It is better to have in our own wallet

100% Agreed!!

There are some situations where the exchangers might be needed to convert from one coin to another but, only temporarily, now to leave coins there in my opinion, is definitely a "bad" idea..


Not entirely sure buddy but a popular coin being relisted is certainly not a good sign

At face value, definitely not a good thing, intrinsically, it might even be a positive/productive thing..
Given the fact that the exchanger have had some problems, and also has a bit more restrictions in comparison to other exchangers..

But, only time can tell.. Ohh and, thank You for the post and caring about others ^^⁾

Have a great day mate, cheers,

That's what I'm afraid of.

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