Hot Nights or what you will.

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Whew!!! So here I am once again. Forced to write on steemit. It's the enforcer though that is really weird or should I say enforcers. Hot nights..... Plural or singular entity 😕😕😕. To my story....

I don't know whether it's because it's the month of March, or because it's the beginning of the year or whatever. Basically I don't think we have seasons in Nigeria anymore. But what I'm sure of is that The Global Warming is happening right Inside My Room

Sadly, its not just at night. It's all day long. It's like there's a reverse "CA Tinu" in my room.

Thank God for small favours right now. 👏👏👏👏👏Light at last!!! 😁😁😁 was beginning to think I'll pop like corn or something. 👀

Ok so I was gonna tell you what I've been reduced to doing every hot night. Apart from the usual and the usual and the other usual.... Haha. Ok I'll stop. I'll just list it in a sequence like wash, rinse, and repeat.

•I get to sleep in my birthday suit.
•Sadly I still have to use covers😢😢 (I'm never telling why)
•After an hour, I swap the ends which leaves my upper half with the dryer end (and no, my feet do not care 😒)
•After another hour, I change position ie NW to WN.

(someone should please tell my newest wall design piece to stop falling off and scaring the crap out of me. I'm trying to write a steemit post. Jeez. I've jumped like 15 times. Lol.)

•Yes, I was saying NW to WN. (I hope we all know geography) 😉
•Next I turn my pillow over.
•I don't go WN with that end of the sheets though. it's always hot enough to dry out side 1 by then. Fact!
•After another hour, it's Side 2 again.

This is getting boring right?😒 but I have to tell you. 😜

Well, after hour 4, I basically can't go back to sleep again. Did you know that the ability to "re-sleep" can be a function of how many times you wake up before you sleep??? 🙈 well it can. I have firsthand knowledge.

Anyway, this is my boring narration of hot nights or what you will. Hope you did not enjoy it because I'm literally roasting here.

Thanks for reading 😁😁😄 I wish you cooler nights than I've got. It's the best I can offer right now.

PS. I had to look for a happy pj picture. I'm not promising to tell the story later though😝