I won't be using ThreeSpeak anymore as they are limiting what topics can be uploaded

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After taking a break from making videos I decided I wanted to make one today and upload to threespeak.

Reading through their new "Rules & Guidelines" I am deciding not to publish to such a platform, unless of course they change them.

For clarity, even Youtube isn't this restrictive as they allow beheading videos and war footage. So you are making a policiy that actually is more restrictive than YouTube(why?)...

"CALLING FOR VIOLENCE OR FOOTAGE OF VIOLENCE: " Great, so I can't show what is going on in Hong Kong or in any kind of riot or situation with violence in it. So you might as well ban me now because I already have content like that and so does my

"Hello truthforce,

We believe Freedom of Speech is absolute but there are some instances where we would have to restrict content, but for clarity here are 3speak's policies on various subjects: "

You don't believe Freedom of Speech is an absolute if you are restricting content in some instances, I think that should go without saying. Just don't say "we believe Freedom of Speech is absolute" and you won't contradict yourself in the same sentence where you say it isn't absolute.

I don't understand how you can call your platform a Free Speech platform and be all about stuff that gets censored and at the same time ban footage of violence. Footage of violence isn't illegal in most countries, calls for specific violence is in the USA. I don't advocate violence to be clear.


@brianoflondon: What do you think about this? Seems unnecessarily restrictive?

We are in the process of updating our TOS. I agree, this term is too vague. What is actually not allowed on 3speak is showing extreme gory deaths. Showing fights, protests that may have police brutality, etc, are all fine. We will update the TOS soon to reflect these conditions.

"Youtube isn't this restrictive as they allow beheading videos and war footage" - Youtube does not allow beheading videos. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/2801964?hl=en -Promoting "Violent Events" are banned on youtube. Maybe you can show those types of videos on youtube if you blur out the gore (which I still doubt) - but if you blurred the gore you would be allowed on 3speak anyway.

Its on there, though it is a little difficult to find it right away as YouTube points to CNN and CBS sources first.

Interesting. If it is legal on Youtube, we will explore that.

appreciate your quick response, I will look out for your guys revised TOS and further evaluate my position from there.

Interesting. If
It is legal on Youtube,
We will explore that.

                 - theycallmedan

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

I would be more than happy to talk through some ideas with you guys if you were looking for someone to bounce ideas off of. In fact, I could come up with an expanded list to the guidelines and what is allowed/not allowed if you were looking for some ideas.

A lot of us in the #informationwar group are all about having as free of speech as possible, while I totally understand there are certain legal guidelines you also need to follow. Leveraging our group I could talk with some of the creators and get their input and send something over to you with our thoughts/experiences of getting censored on facebook/youtube and stuff like that.

"YouTube points to CNN and CBS sources first."

Good to point that out, @informationwar. People need to know what's happening over there.

footage of violence = any protest
Footage of violence = any historical military footage
footage of violence = animals behaving in a predatory manner
footage of violence = a baby hitting a toy with a hammer
footage of violence = anything nearly.

MMMmmmmmm, yeah......er....no...

The sentence cover pretty much anything they want not to be seen, doesnt it?


I am probably already permabanned now anyway(at least if I am not I should be as per their new "rules") as my videos did have Hong Kong protestors getting beaten up and other similar things with Antifa.

Oh well, if that is the route they want to go that's up to them.

I've brought this up now. I'm sure this can be satisfactorily resolved.

Appreciate it, yes it was resolved to my satisfaction! I am uploading again :)

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