Alitalia: From Amsterdam to South Africa for 388 Euro

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Dear Steemians,


With Alitalia you can fly from Amsterdam to Johannesburg for 388 Euro.
Flights are available from April until November.
You can book here:

Have fun


thanks for updating about flights and awesome place my friend I really like it

Awesome deal.

it will be great tour when you fly alitalia with 388 euro just view beauty of africa.

This is wonderful photography
Thanks /@ulfr
have a great day

Nice safari experience can get there

Hello @ulfr,

Extraordinary good travel update & incredible image you used to share the update to us.


Stunning place, nice photography and awesome travel bargain

@ulfr - Sir it's a beautiful photography & very interesting travel offer detail...


Thanks for sharing @ulfr

Very inexpensive. Useful information.

Amazingly wonderful place, marvelous arrangement.

Dazzling place, decent photography and mind blowing travel bargain.

thanks for the information keep it and stay blessed,

thanks for th information .

Wow! Great and amazing photography.
I love your post. 😍😍😍😍😍
Nice content.
Very interesting post.

Thanks @ulfr for sharing this post🤗💙.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

This is really a Beautiful place for travel.

Amazing photo!

This is an awesome deal but I would plan my trip once steem price goes above 5 usd.

Thank you anyway.

ery nice thanks for sharing it

Thanks for sharing such a reasonable package

wonderful deal nice photography. thanks for @ulfr

Good deal @ulfr i think someone here can use it.
Thanks for sharing!

Excellent information and not at all expensive! Thank you @ulfr

Thanks for sharing great & valuable information

Great deal. So beautiful place and wonderful picture. Such a great informative post.

Nice information provided.. by you. It will benefit the people who are planning to go there.

wow very excellent post Thanks for sharing i will done upvote..

its a great deal for the visitors..............also a best opportunity.....

Hi @ulfr, the price is ecomonic, related to what it offers.
Blessings :)

Amazingly wonderful place

Amazingly wonderful place,

Amazing national stop picture

it's awesome travel place. i like it

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Hi @ulfr, thanks for you for giving air travel information with cheap price.

Judging by the price it is not very far, or the prices are low. Thanks for the exchange.

wow these are such amazing deals we never get.

Great travel tip for go Amsterdam to South Africa.

wow these are such amazing offers.pretty cheap.

great information
beautiful place U5duAzauUFDtUub61Gm431uiHegyvYQ_1680x8400.jpeg

Wow fantastic photography

Super amazing deal you shared very nice thanks for sharing it

Thank you👍

Omg! Beautiful place, heavon on earth 💕
Very nice deal.

Looking Wonderful,,,amazing,thanks dude for sharing......//////////

Wow that's a good offer to visit one of the great destination!


extremely beautiful place, awesome deal

this is such an amazing deal looks like iam getting a stock for base price.

wow,,amazing place,,nice photography and great travel deal

It sure looks pretty great place to be !

@ulfr, It's nice travel details who want to From Amsterdam to South Africa.

Awesome national park picture and nice travel guidance.

Thanks for sharing @ulfr

Magnificent national stop picture and decent travel direction.

Great information and the place is so beautiful. Thanks for share

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