Overcoming frustration and anger

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If you struggle with frustration and anger related to trauma , you may try to hide your feelings having it in mind that they will go away. Unfortunately, immoderate feelings must be review and dealt with; they don't just go away on their own.

You may become angry,dangerous and blame others for what has happened, even though it is not their fault. You may get angry with a higher power, such as God.

Frustration and anger affect people emotionally and physically. You may work out these feelings by talking with someone or through physical activity (such as running, cleaning house, or punching a pillow). Working out frustration and anger in a physical way helps relieve muscle tension and may reduce restlessness and irritation.

Unresolved frustration and anger may expand until you are not able to tackle them. You may then harm, yell, scream, or hit someone or something. Unexpressed frustration and anger also cause other problems, such as physical illness,weakness or depression.

The first stage in conquering frustration and anger is to identify that you are feeling these emotions. Many people were taught as children not to express frustration and anger. If you are feeling worried inside and are not sure what to , try:

*****Talking with someone you trust. This may help you become more clear about what you are feeling and be free.

*****Talking out loud to yourself. You can even use a recorder and later listen to what you've recorded. This helps you hear yourself express your feelings as though you were listening to someone else.

*****Writing about your feelings. It may be helpful to make a list of everything that is bothering you. You can then decide which items you can change and write down ways that you can change them.

*****Recognizing things that you cannot change. There are some things that you can do nothing about. Simply writing them down is helpful. Reminding yourself that some things are beyond your control also helps. Letting go of the wish that you could change them may be hard to do. You may need to remind yourself daily or many times throughout the day that these things are beyond your control.

*Making changes to help reduce your anger and frustration. For example, if your lecturer's lecture bother you, move out of the class where you cant hear him . Or you can wear earplugs if noises, such as the television or radio, seem louder than usual.

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If you continue to have trouble overcoming your frustration and anger, or if you have had problems with anger in the past, talk about your concerns with someone you trust, such as pastor,imam and a health professional. You may decide to join a self-help group or seek counseling.

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