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It seems amazing when my mates discuss about their family and deliberately talk of joy of motherhood. My mom and dad seem mistaken to have decide to have a holy matrimony as I see nothing holy in their wedlock.

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Am from a nuclear family of four but since the day I was sensible enough to know my right from my left, my mom never know joy because my father keeps frustrating her and he does not see anything in all she does. She dare not do the house chores if she is sick and infact she would not permitted to pass the night across if she decides not to prepare dinner without dad giving her a dime, it was a tug of war in our house. The best moments we had then with mom was when we are at shop with sis maryam and probably in school but when the sight of the house gate is it seems we are back in the prison. It got to the peak when my dad beat up mom on the main road and a passerby had to intervene trust me mom did not sleep with us that very day. Dad becomes a bully to the extent that we could not even sit the d sitting room to watch television programs, not even cartoons.
Grandma was a very nice woman often time mom's joy is her priority though she was not her only daughter in law, the love is innate but mom's only problem is dad
Grandma advised mom to give birth to one more child but mom said no, she prefer to stick to dad suggestion of catering for just teo children, Halima and me.......mama begins to pester mom alot, this mom cannot resist and eventually get pregnant.
Our house became hot as if it was a bakery, fire everywhere. Who dare touch the pathon by the head, the only solution mom was left with is abortion which is not advisable. Dad had to lock her outside severally and insisted she abort the baby. She could not resist the tension and beckoned on her family members for help but her family insist that what will solve the matter she should abort the pregnancy. Hum! Left in dilemma she had to risk her life and abort a four month pregnancy, mom could not resist the pains after the abortion and opt for divorce. Mom left us in the lion's den, Halima still likes dad but I prefer to stay with mom. Since dad warned us to stay and away from our mom and promise to kill me if he find out I see her but my mom is still my priority and I hope for the best for her. Nobody can prevent me from her when the time come but the lack of parental care is my concern, nobody to cater for me like my lovely mom


Keep writing .
You are a good writer.

Thanks buddy

Stopped by to show support for your story. I grew up in a home similar... I have two children myself, but am not with their mother. I have learned and believe that children come to earth because they are meant to be here and it doesn't matter about the parents. It's a funny thing like that. Some kids with divorced parents do well, some with loving parents who stay together turn out bad. Who knows?

It's really serious, I noticed that too,it might be because of the caring, though I never enjoyed that for once .. I'm doing well and I'm happy with it

No one can give love like mom..the feelings you described are really very sensitive ... just want to say "All the children in this world may always be blessed with mother's love tilldeath" @warudo

Of all gifts that life has to offer, a loving mother is the greatest

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I am so sorry that you and your mom's circumstances and is so bad. I am actually speechless and I know that this abuse is ongoing in a lot of homes. So terribly sad. Luckily you are growing up and will become a man that his wife can be proud of. God bless you dear @warudo.

Amen.. Thanks ma'am