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So, I annoyed Fyrst and he Banned me from SteemSpeak, which is where I have spent the majority of my Discord time since joining Steem nearly 3 years. :)

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I'm not bitter or mad, but I did think maybe it was a sign that it is for something new...

I miss the early days of SteemSpeak when I came in as a total noob and listened to amazing intelligent conversations about Crypto, Steem, Philosophy and more.

So many great minds shared their knowledge with me and I doubt I would have lasted through a though Minnow period without those people. SteemSpeak is no longer that place and I would like to try to recreate it. I'm not bitter at all... And if my new discord fails or has very little traffic I will be heading back there.

For now I thought I would see if there is a demand for those who want to drop in and enjoy some Voice Chat about Crypto, Steem, Life, Whatever...

@steemitqa has agreed to join me in setting up a room where we will answer questions, chat and discuss everything Crypto, and probably a lot more!

Looking forward to hanging out with you in


Everyone is welcome once, but it doesn't mean we want to put up with those who can't handle adult conversations.


Come in and say hi!


Ah you forked it! I am in with this one, coz you are the person who brought me into that discord! (Seriously I have no free time to be active there, but I will be around)


Sweet come on in!

Have you ever considered Youtube Live?

Always working for the steemit community. I leave you my best wishes for success in this new stage, I am sure you will be a very good discord administrator.
Good vibes.

Stop in sometime! :)

There are good wishes for you too ;)

I'm always looking for the best place to be, so I'm in :D

I hope fyrst will come to his senses and let you back.

He unbanned me. :)

So, I annoyed Fyrst and he Banned me from SteemSpeak

Bloody cheek! Want a hug?

I'm thinking about going onto discord again - So I might see you there...

You should come in!

really that's nice, I am interested to join. I want to know or hear something new.

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We have good convo's and good music!

A Gecko-Steemian has joined the chat

Feel free to join CoinGecko's Discord Channel too if you're looking for enthusiastic crypto people to chat with!

Time to break put some drama tokens and get things going.

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I am still getting acquainted with Discord and all but surprised of how much engagement happens there. It excite me that some projects are trying to bring that engagement over to the blockchain like the forum of @tokenbb.

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Yeah, it's true we do a lot of discord engagement. :) I would guess over time as apps improve on steem there would be less of this, but for now we gather and educate in many places.

So, I annoyed Fyrst and he Banned me from SteemSpeak

Ah well. For some reason, that statement reminds me of my original hesitation in joining Steemit, in the first place: "Smells too much like Reddit" with its power plays, mini-dictators and infighting.

Good on you for creating something fresh!

Yeah, just a change of pace was all that I needed...

Sounds good I joined ;)

I am banned from steemsepak diacord as well...

Well join us!

you missed the juicy details. how did you annoy him. what happened? or is that the next blog post?

It was dumb. He wanted to talk to a troll I jumped out of voice chat, and I guess I triggered him.

I've been banned from there more times than most and more more reasons than most. Its part of the experience. Use this time to ruin fyrst's life till he lets you back in.

I broke banjo once :).

Haha, He's unbanned me, but not before I considered the idea of having a place that everyone could join and talk and learn and ask questions.

You must have done something very interesting to annoy him. Will follow up to hear what have you done.
Cheers mate!

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You'll have to come in and ask me! ;)

Is this an attempt to award yourself a 'Drama' token? Good luck with the new channel of course, but I think I speak for many nosey people here when I ask; " What did you do to upset him?" lol

My question is:
"who cares that he is upset?"

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lol its more a reflection on my personal shallowness and nosiness that I asked the question as opposed to any form of concern for his emotional state ;-)
On top of that, I leaen a lot from @whatsup s withering retorts!

sounds like another new token in the making!

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My Discord App is dying.. I guess I have to join via Laptop

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I saw you for a second come back in.

Im in ✌️

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This sounds interesting I think I will give it a try and join the group on discord

Yes! I look forward to speaking to you.

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