Happy Birthday to the BEST dog ever!

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I'm excited to uses Steemit to share some of my favourite photographs that I have taken through the years. This is my beautiful dog Chino and she is 6 years old today. She has to be the best pet we have ever had!
She is loving, loyal and good-natured.

From the beginning she has brought us so much joy and laughter.

We got her just 2 months before my eldest son was born and she has a rather special bond with him.
Trying to do some pics of my boy and Chino decided she wanted to be with him and came and snuggled in next to him

She knows to be gentle with the kids. If I take her for a walk then she pulls me around the block, but give the lead to the kids and she is totally relaxed!
She is protective but gentle.
"Hey don't eat that leaf!"

Ever had a dog that actually plays fetch!? I tried training my dogs as a kid to play fetch and it just never worked. But Chino is awesome! She loves to play fetch - frisbees and balls are her favourite toys. (Although sometimes she can drive people a little bit crazy - any new visitor to our home becomes the SUCKER that has to throw for her - she is fun and she know's it
and she doesn't let you forget it).
This time it was my youngest son that was sucked into the fun

My husband works for my parents on a fairly large plot of land where they live and run their factory. Chino goes to work with him and spends time with the Rottweilers there.
The Rotties even get sulky on the weekends when she doesn't go visit.
She sometimes keeps some of the people out of their work (Sssshhhh! Don't say anything - She is actually just keeping work morale up - yup she is the "Employee Morale Manager", and the Rotties are "Heads of Security")

Anyway, so I decided to write this post because I was chatting with the moms over at SteemitMamas Discord Group and @Goldendawne was showing off her awesome homemade dog treats and I thought "Hey! Perfect Birthday Present for my woof". I'll be trying this recipe out tomorrow for my Birthday Girl: Goldendawne's Homemade Dog Treats



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Looks lovely! Before coming to Cape Town I used to be a cat person but now I am changing my mind!

My cousin had a dog but she sent him away to a shelter when she gave birth because she was so scared, but I was so upset about it. Seeing these stories make me feel happier now :)


Dogs are so cool! I am 100% a dog person! I’ve had cats and they have cool personalities too but they aren’t loyal enough for my taste.. and I’m glad that this story gave you some hope! I believe if you want a pet they need to be treated as part of the family!

Oh!! He is the cutest.. i remember our snow.. huhu.. he is in texas now!

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💖 what is he doing in Texas?

My sister brought him there.. his name is SNOW..

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Awesome - he sounds wonderful!

Absolutely love her! She is perfect in every way!!!

You would know- you are one of her bosses 😂

She is our boss! When she wants to play, she means business and won't stop nagging until you give in 😜😂😂

She’s really good at her job - she can even sense when morale needs lifting 😉😂

Ahhh, what a cutie :) We love our bow wows!

Haha, so the employee morale manager you say :D

Absolutely ;) what better way to improve morale than through play :D

Dogs are very special, like children in the home. Nice to bring up your children with a pet @wildwanderer thanks for sharing.

So true! Thanks Joan 😉

Glad to see that you see her as a part of your family, for indeed, that's what they are!! Blessings and upvoted! @wildwanderer

What a happy dog! Thanks for sharing this, it made me smile. :)

Thanks Ms President 😉