Places where selfie sticks are prohibited

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If you think you can get anywhere in the world, take a perfect picture with the help of your selfie stick and share it with your followers in a matter of seconds ... You're sooo wrong!

In the following destinations the use of the selfie stick is prohibited.

Here we tell you the reasons.

  1. Milan, Italy Milan has just announced this measure, along with the ban on cans, food trucks and glass bottles. The prohibition of stick selfies is intended to end antisocial behavior. This is not the first law that Milan has put in place with positive social interactions in mind, it is even illegal for locals to frown there.

  2. Disney Parks Disney got rid of the selfie sticks after reporting to the BBC that "they have become a growing security concern for both the guests and the cast." They are banned at Disneyland and the Disney World theme parks everywhere, including Paris and Hong Kong.

  3. Vatican City See the Pope? Great, but he does not want to see your selfie stick with you. They say it's for security reasons, and it's on the prohibition list, right next to the ammunition and explosives. Tip: You can not bring large backpacks to the Vatican and there are no lockers. So, if you travel with luggage you should leave your things in a locker at the train station.

  4. Coliseum and the Palace of Versailles It is rumored that the ban on the Coliseum came after two tourists recorded their names on the walls and then took a picture with their selfie stick. The Palace of Versailles in Paris also added a security ban.

  5. Lollapalooza and Coachella Lollapalooza was the first major music festival to take a stand on the selfie stick: they must stay out, just like illegal drugs. Coachella soon did the same.

  6. Van Gogh Museum (and other famous institutions) Many museums are instituting prohibitions for the protection of works within them. Recently, at the 14th Factory in Los Angeles, a woman knocked down a domino-type art installation while taking a selfie, causing damage worth $ 200,000. They are even restricted in the National Gallery of London and in the Forbidden City of Beijing, also known as the Palace Museum.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the reason is, in part, that these instruments are simply annoying, but mainly so that people can not record shows illegally.

  1. Pamplona, ​​Spain Due to safety concerns, Spain takes its prohibition seriously on all photography equipment in the San Fermin enclosure, in Pamplona.

Consider this: a man took a selfie that went viral, and he was fined four thousand euros shortly thereafter.

  1. Mecca When devout Muslims make a pilgrimage to Mecca, in Saudi Arabia, they naturally want to document it. However, the religious leaders did not agree with this practice and took strong measures against it.

  2. La Garoupe, in southern France On one of the oldest beaches in France and a place frequented by the rich and famous, they set up a ban area for selfie sticks.

The authorities said that it is because they do not want to make people boast instead of enjoying the beach, but we can also imagine that the rich and famous do not want tourists to stop at any moment and block their sight.

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