Tips to control nerves in Selectivity

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A few days of Selectividad , the students who are preparing the entrance exam to the University are under strong pressure to obtain the necessary qualification to be able to study what they like. Therefore, the nerves can be much more intense than other tests to feel that everything is played in this single test, but you have to recognize and control them before they overflow.

The psychologist Jorge López Pérez Vallejo says that the problem is not to get nervous, but that the nerves take over them so that they can affect their performance in the exams . "Nerves are something that humanizes us, that shows how much we want something, we are alert to stay active, but we can not let it affect us," says the psychologist, recalling that when anxiety is not controlled and overflows, it becomes "A problem that can go from affecting our study, to also harming our personal life".

Although in many cases it is resorted to taking some anxiolytic to control the nerves in a timely manner, this is a mistake, according to López Vallejo. "Anxiety is a disabling disorder that can be treated without the need for drugs, with the willpower and help of a professional," says the psychologist.

Therefore, he has given some guidelines to control the nerves and seize them to play in favor :

  1. Doing breathing exercises may seem like a cliché, but it really helps with anxiety. By taking control of the breath he concentrates on it, thus taking control of the situation.

  2. Interpret it as a challenge , not as a risk. It is important that, when studying and carrying out exams, the objectives are kept in mind and not what is expected of oneself, which can produce much more stress and pressure than what already exists.

  3. Relieve . Talking about what you are feeling with a specialist and normalizing the situation will help to remove a great weight off, besides, that way, maybe you will get advice that can help.

  4. Take time for oneself . Try to organize the moments of study so that you have the necessary breaks to clear your mind, in addition to trying to exercise, which will help you to rest when you get tired in a physical way.

Of course, these tips will help with mild nerve . The psychologist warns that if they begin the problems to fall asleep and can not get enough rest to disconnect from situations that cause stress and anxiety, it would be appropriate to go to a psychology specialist in this type of disorders.

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