Why did "Pokémon Go" suddenly become a game of old?

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Who has not heard of Pokemon Go ? We are in July 2016, Nintendo loose the biggest gameplay bomb of the new millennium and causes an unprecedented international phenomenon. Pokémon Go arrives in Europe, and suddenly hundreds of people run in the street to catch the last free pokémon.

The concept is simple and very attractive: you have your own avatar and must chase pokémons on the street, parked at Pokéstops or arenas using a geolocation on your smartphone. The goal ? Expand your Pokédex that will keep all your cash warm, all in augmented reality.

"It's not augmented reality, it's an enriched reality ..."
Two years later, the game loses attractiveness and if the seasons that followed the release of the game did nothing (loss of 15 million users in one month), the teenagers addicted to Pokémon Go have finally uninstalled the game. App finally seeing only flaws (and now the trend is Fortnite !). Following a poll on the Facebook page of 20 Minutes , Ludovic explains why he uninstalled Pokémon Go : "I spent my life, walking in the street without paying attention to the outside world, I was outside but I cut myself off world . I decided to stop and not install the game, because for me it was like a drug. "

For some, the effect is simply down, often disappointed by the evolution of the platform. Alexis testifies: "The first update completely chilled me, pokémons harder to catch, few interesting updates, redundant game play , very few interactions between players while the community aspect was to be a driving force. Game. "

The millennials are known, they take, use and throw. While the generation of their parents, they are much more faithful than it seems . Vanessa Lalo, a psychologist of digital media in Paris, talks about the reasons for a 40-year-old addict to Pokémon Go : "An adult will always have a pretext to move from point A to point B and therefore to play a small hour in his day, when a child him, at the end of the summer, he goes back to school and he has no way to make himself every day ... " -she. A reason clearly proven by the numbers in free fall from the month of October that followed the release of the game.

In addition, there is a trend towards retro gaming that mainly affects the generation that saw the arrival of Pokémon in the 1990s and who feels a certain nostalgia today. In contrast to a very volatile youth who attaches and quickly gets rid of new trends, Vanessa Lalo notes that some of these players "sees the possibility of playing a game ultra-innovative in terms of technology , while remembering his era of the big Gameboy gray (...), you can not imagine the emotion that it can provide. "

A tiresome concept, which repeats itself and, moreover, uses too much the battery of the phone, it did not take less for the youngest to leave the ship. Today the trend is Fortnite , and as Vanessa Lalo has already heard in his cabinet "if you do not play Fortnite is that you missed your life! ". So old .

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