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RE: Butterfly Display at the Museum of Natural History

Butterflies! Wow! I had no idea they had life ones in the museum. In Toronto they have only those in frames. I cannot imagine how do they keep them alive tin that lepidopterarium, but I understand the lifting is inefficient there for photography. Nevertheless, you did a wonderful job. Truly amazing how many types of butterflies is there 🦋😊🦋


They dont normally, this was a short term exhibit I believe but it was so cool to see :)

Ohh they had such a good collection of them in there was so cool to experienc I must say

Oh I see! Well you were very lucky then. I actually heard of lepidopterariums before, but I didn't know the proper name. Now I just Goggled if there is one nearby and I found it, so I have to convince my daughter to go there next year:

That one looks so cool I hope you can visit it ;)