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RE: The Post Bernie The Bully Doesn't Want You To See

in #butthurtwars2 years ago (edited)

Not that I want to play party pooper and dampen anyone's spirits but if I remember correctly (which I always don't because I am all over the place) he may just be powering down because of the upcoming hardfolk just like Stinc or Steem (however you want to address Ned's people) I think did a power down when there was talk of hardfolking them out or something to that effect. It may just be a safety precaution he's taking.


You clearly didn't read the post, this has nothing to do with powering down.


If you are going to edit your text may I suggest you make sense out of it, reread your first paragraph where you took that part out at.

I really think you're confusing my post with someone else's. I did not edit this post, I did not mention powering down, and the first paragraph makes perfect sense.

Sorry for the confusion...