B&W Photo Contest ~ New Theme Announcement ~ Shadows

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Definition: A dark area or shape produced by a body or object coming between rays of light and a surface.


“In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”- Alfred Stieglitz




Guest Judge

This Week @boxcarblue

On Deck for next Week @meanmommy33 & @creutzy


~ Prizes ~

1st Place ~ 10 SBD/STEEM

2nd Place ~ 5 SBD/STEEM

3rd Place ~ 3 SBD/STEEM

Honourable Mention ~ 2 SBD/STEEM

Prizes will be paid out in SBD or STEEM





Thanks to @papa-pepper for creating these logos for @daveks!


wow a new contest and i am really excited... And my first entry for the contest :


My first entry, enjoy :)

"White Dots"


Street Sign • BW Photo Contest • Shadows
Entry 3
Thank you @daveks for creating and hosting the contest and @boxcarblue for judging!

Thank you! my 1st entry this week

I'm gonna get one submitted this week, hopefully.

really great photography...thanks for sharing...I appreciate you dear....

Excellent! This is a classic theme in photography!

Wonderful theme! Gonna go check my portfolio!

Yep like this one shadows can be amusing :)

"shadows" ? 😁 I like this theme

This is my entry#1 :

I wish these moments last longer, but the Earth never reduces its speed! This scene is happening near the saltworks of Almanarre in France.



Nikon D7100 - Lense 150-600mm Tokina

Link: https://steemit.com/bwphotocontest/@marc-allaria/my-entry-1-for-b-and-w-photo-contest-new-theme-announcement-shadows

Every your post is always worth of art, love you...!.

one of my favorite themes ever !

My first entry, with my little lady;


Ooohhhh, I love the photograph above... And this theme is one I would love to try for! Hoping to get a good shot for this... :)

Great photography..

wow .. post a good success always ..,!

Ohhhh i'm interested , can't wait to participate.😊😊

es interesante el concurso, pero puedo colocar el post en español??

I'm in on this one @daveks.
For some reason, I keep missing them in my feed, but this is my entry.
Hope you like it


saying that i think I know the reason, with you been in Canada its like 5 am where you are and 10 here so there might be a little bit of a time difference :)

Very interesting contest, my first photo "Sandy shadow"



Townhouse Trees • BW Photo Contest • Shadows
Entry 1
Thank you @daveks for creating and hosting the contest and @boxcarblue for judging!

Street Life • BW Photo Contest • Shadows
Entry 2
Thank you @daveks for creating and hosting the contest and @boxcarblue for judging!

Yes it is my final entry for this contest :


2018-02-12 03.51.54 1.jpg

I hope you all steemians likes my works... Have a good day...!

Is it a hashtag bwphotocontest in the body of the post or does that mean to use that as the first keyword?

Use it as one of the tags is good enough!

I like photography coz it slows down the world into a single frame and you can concentrate and take it all in.

Very cool. I will have to submit something to this, if I can find a decent shot to take!

Looking forward to your entries!

Amaizing photography....
Good job @daveks

All your post about art.. I so like it.. In your picture there photo black and white. I love it.

This is my entry: the shadows of war.

Netherlands American Cemetery in Margraten


Great contest here! I do not know if I'am too late but here's my entry:


stunning photo

What a lovely post i indeed love shadow photography,thanks for sharing such a wonderful post..keep going.