BnW Photo Contest Entry - ACTION!

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Here are my entries for the BnW photography contest this week.

This Week's Theme:


Definition: To run, jump, throw, kick, pass, climb, skate, swim, play, to DO, etc.

Camera used: iPhone 6
Photos by @johleen

@Quinneaker is this week's guest judge. Find his post here!

Entry #1

Entry #2

Photo 11-08-2017, 1 23 27 pm (4).jpg



Thanks for entering and for linking my post!
I will surely consider your entries in this competition and give you a complementary up vote NOW!


Hey, awesome, thanks for coming over to have a look and for the vote!

Much appreciated!

SteemOn indeed! :)

I had to look at over 200 entries this week!
Thats a LOT of photos!
Hope to see your enter again!


Wow that sure is!


Woah! I really like the first entry, the way how it looks like a flat painting and the graininess of the clouds. But, I guess details matter here, so I'm going with Entry #2. It's more of an action shot, and ticks all of the boxes. Since you caught the skater mid-air, it really emphasized the kickflip he's performing. Great composition, solid story.

Thank you my friend! Number one is a photo of my son jumping up into the air from a trampoline. Number two was a lucky shot for sure. I just managed to pull out my phone in time to capture this guy doing his tricks. :)

Ahh! So I guess that's indeed how it translated. The more spontaneous the shot, the more action it conveys I guess.

That's a good point! So I might try keeping my iphone holstered most of the time and then practice whipping it out fast for those spontaneous action shots haha!

Haha! iPhones are the new age six-shooters!

Nice shots. The silhouette in your first picture is cool

Thanks very much!

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