A Lonely Bridge In Rockies - B&W Photo Contest ‘Bridges’

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We were expecting snow for two days and finally, here it is. Time for some national sport practicing. Again.
I need to grab the shovel and start shoveling.

It's always good for health to do some exercise. At least they say so. The only drawback is that I have less time for my online social activities but I'll stay fit.

Today I'll post just this photo for the @daveks contest. I find it last night. It's called B&W Bridge contest.

DSC00282 (2).JPG

Alberta is a relatively young province and kind of business oriented and I like that. Very efficient and practical.
Nothing fancy and historic at least if you see it from the European perspective. The landscape, nature and National Parks are gorgeous, though.

I hope I didn't insult my hosts with this statement.

I took this shot on our trip through the Rockies last summer with my Sony DSC-H3 camera.

That's all for today. Time to go outside and do my job.

Have a great weekend.


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Great picture and i really liked the background which is reflecting as huge nature's wild life and which in turn producing the greenery effect, and i want to give this picture a name as "Bridge Of Nature". Thanks for sharing.

Nice. Thank you.

Thank you and welcome. 😊

My account was hacked recently, please unflag!

Really nice one.....

Thanks @oldtimer. For the information and the picture, ur camera is a nice one, and for ur exercise keep doing it and dont wait till summer period, cose it keep fit. Thanks once again

keep the spirit even though the snow comes

beautiful, cool photos

It's really a beautiful view sometimes simplicity could be appealing. Great view, I can only wish you luck with the B and W bridge contest and please don't stay too far from the steemit online community.

I'll try to stick around. Thanks for the comment.

Oh for how long does it snow there! Here we are expecting the sunny warm days :) Spring is starting soon!
Lovely photo!

We aren't safe until 1st of May.

Friend @oldtimer the photo that you present is spectacular, since the bridge has many geometric figures which makes an interesting contrast with the landscape. Best regards.

nice pic bro...dont forget to follback and upvote me ok

Bahahahahaha I live that you just referred to shovelling as our National sport. If I had a loonie for every time I’ve shovelled my driveway I’d be a rich, rich man. My dad loves living in Alberta. Alberta is a beautiful place and a very progressive. Business is big. Best part is the province has been able to prosper with no sales tax. I want to come.

I'm not sure for how long we can stay without the sales tax.

Nice B&W!Have a nice weekend!

Nice capture!

I like your post..

A delightful capture. I like the view of the trees in the background. Because of the greatness of this bridge, they seem so small. Good luck with the contest.

Great shot! Really like it! Well done.

Ooh, it reminds me on the legendary song:
" Those were the days, my friend
we thought they'd never end,
we sing and dance, forever & again.
We lived a life we choose,
We fight and never lose,
Those were the days,
Oh, Yes, those were the days"...

Such a nostalgic song...

Hi friend @oldtimer.
i hope you are well..................
i agree your post
Friend @oldtimer , exercise is very good oval. I know beforehand that the pictures you find will be excellent. Because you have selected a lot of pictures and presented them. I wish you a beautiful life

I wish you well as you shovel to exercise, keep fit bro.
You bridge picture is beautiful, don't over work yourself too @oldtimer

Very nice picture. Thank friend for your post

Beautiful view of good shooting friends ..

excellent contest

It’s an unusual angle for a bridge... I like it!

have good time my best friend

Tolles Foto......wohin führt mein Weg,wo komm ich her?Das kam mir in den Sinn,als ich dieses Foto gerade sah!Vielen Dank für die tolle Inspiration!!

Wow. This is lovely. Lol snow is there. I can imagine the shoveling part. Lol. Can one still join in this contest?

I think so. Check the @daveks old posts.

Resteemed :-)

Very beautiful photo!

Great shot of bridge!

excellent bridge, photography dear @oldtimer

very nice pic dear have a great days

Well it sure seems a great scenario :)

Your waiting paid off pretty nicely ;)

Quite refreshing @oldtimer. Brings me back especially in B&W, to my early days growing up in upstate NY. Thanks.

I am no expert but If you increase the contrast with Lightroom the result will be astonishing. trust me

I enjoy your posts and the story behind your photos. Keep up the great work!

Do you know where this bridge was in the Rockies?

We were driving from Kelowna to Banff and Calgary. I'm not sure where exactly it is. Maybe even in BC.

It might be...I don't recognize that one. Well - I guess I have to go exploring!

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