Seven Day B & W Challenge - Day 3

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Whole two weeks I was trying to convince myself that I have to try snowboarding or skiing and to get a portion of adrenaline because of the high speeds. While learning to manoeuvre like a freak, virtuously bypassing trees and other evil obstacles on the mountain slopes that want to hurt me badly. But still, haven't decided what I like the best.

I mean they both (skiing and snowboarding) are pretty fun and breathtaking. And require to be in a great shape and psychologically be ready to overcome your fear. But I'm such a pussy, so on the first day, I only tried a little bit of snowboarding, fell few times and then after a while I left back to the country house to keep reading my book.
Maybe you can give me some advices? I feel so ashamed to write about my weaknesses.

Challenge rules:

Take 7 black and white photos that represent an aspect of your life

Present one image every day for 7 days

No People

No explanation

Use the tag: #sevendaybnwchallenge

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Enjoy the vote and reward!

I indeed enjoy votes and rewards.
I also would be happy to enjoy it on my other posts! Thanks)

I will go cross country skiing with you!

Humble me is unworthy to be your companion. I'm like a little turtle comparing to you - golden dragon.