Byteball Airdrop to Steemians Round 2

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Needless to say the Byteball Airdrop to Steemians started out with a bang! The Official Post (warning may take some time to load) has over 2000 comments already. It seems like the Byteball blockchain ran into some issues a couple days in due to some unconfirmed transactions but has since yesterday been working again!

I went and did some research and read on the Byteball Telegram last night that the Steem attestation bot should be working again at around this hour as I am posting this.

For those who missed it the first couple days and had troubles getting it to work during the issues, here is another attempt to getting your airdrop and getting your registration fee to be able to receive it!

The airdrop is rewarded to the following Steem accounts:

Steem reputation above 30: you get a $10 reward
Steem reputation above 40: you get a $20 reward
Steem reputation above 50: you get a $40 reward
Steem reputation above 60: you get a $80 reward
Steem reputation above 70: you get a $160 reward

All you have to do is go here and click on "download wallet":

Then copy your address by pressing "receive" and send it to me on Discord to Acidyo #8038 or "acidyo", if you don't have either of the chats then write it here in a comment and I will try get to you as soon as possible.

Once that is done you go to "chat" and "bot store" and click on "Steem attestation bot", you open the chat and click on the "..." in the lower left corner and press "insert my address" wait for the bot to answer and confirm your account through steemconnect! This step should now be working flawlessly.

The reward is split 50/50 between cash and a smart contract that will hold the bytes for you for a year until they become liquid in your wallet again!

Disclaimer: I make some referral rewards for letting you know about this and you can make some as well for letting your followers know about this airdrop!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here!


Alright everyone, it's getting late, the bots & scripts are rising and so is the competition. If you want me to refer you then feel free to send me a message on discord or, else someone random will grab that reward. :)

Thanks for the entertainment today and hope you enjoy your byteballs!

thank you for your help
my reputation is 49 i'm going to create posts to get 50 and 40 $

Hi guys i think acidyo was very tried to help many people.I also want to help new people.One more bernie just given 60000 bytes for creating account by his following links.But if you download your wallet by my following link then i will give you 1000000 bytes for free.So go to my post by this link and download the wallet and get 1000000 bytes free.Hurry up guys.

I have downloaded with the link above and got a wallet here:




I'm 59, if you can tell me how to get like .15 to get to 60 fast I'd be happy, haha!! It gets harder as you move up.

MDSHW6XRVLTJKD3X73LTEUNF263AC7VY segui todos lo pasos y solo me dio 4 $ tengo 38 rep deberia haberme dado 10$

el 50% es retirable de inmediato.. el otro 50% lo puedes retirar en un año ... si te dio 10$

It seems that a lot of people don't dare installing the wallet cause it seems "too good to be true", while I usually don't take advantage of referrals or promote these kind of things. Byteball has existed for 1.5 years and has had successful airdrops on Bitcoin holders in the past. If there was something shady about this I doubt that steemitblog would post about it. So just ensuring users with this comment that there really are rewards and it would be worth to get them and then start referring other Steemians yourself.

Send me a dm with your wallet address after you've installed it on Discord: Acidyo#8038 or @acidyo and I'll send you the tokens needed to finish the registration as soon as possible!

You can always write it here too but I might lose out on the referral reward to some bots fishing the addresses instead.

Thank you for 20$. You are really helpful!

If you really believe in conspiracy theories then it doesn't really help that Steemit posted about this.

What would help is that an programmer checks the code. I just did and I found a Trojan horse. Do you want to know what I exactly found? And what security measures you need to take immediately?

Hi there. There has been reports of false positives for a specific antivirus client. The developers has looked into it but hasn't been able to see what causes this. If you looked into the code (it's completely open source and on GitHub for everyone to see) and think you found the thing causing this, please get in touch. Open sourcing the code would be pretty bad if it contained a Trojan :-)

But please get in touch if you've managed to find the lines of code causing this.

Casper from Byteball

Is the referral system discontinued?

The referral program for Steem users is still running

What would help is that an programmer checks the code.

You really think you're the only one?
False positives are very common with crypto wallets.

Al I want to say is that this is basically the reason why most things in crypto land go wrong.

Something happens, for example this airdrop or an ICO. Just a few persons give it a positive review. And next thing is everyone jumping at it.

While in the end more crypto/blockchain projects fail then succeed.

Its literally not costing anyone anything, as long as the wallet/project is safe to use there's no point in arguing about it.

Indeed if the wallet is safe this seems to be a win situation for Steemonians. But don't forget that it does cost someone something. Cause of my bank account increases with $40, then there is always another bank account that decreased with that same amount.

That's called selling to buyers, I'm sure people buying gbytes are aware that 99% of its supply is supposed to be airdropped.


You really talk Shit!
Are you drunk?


Just a quick update: While the devs can't pinpoint what exactly is causing this false positive, it's been reported to Qihoo360 and Avast as a false positive. They will hopefully be able to sort out why it was identified as containing a Trojan and take a further look on the code.
The only indication is that it is something in the file Usp10.dll file being identified as "QVM06.Gen"-trojan. It doesn't really give much info on exactly what that is or why.
I would love to promise you an update here, but chances are that I'll forget about it. Best thing will be to check the file again in a weeks time or so (no idea how long it takes for Qihoo and Avast to look into it) to see if it's cleared.

Thanks for this info.
I actually made a joke about the Trojan, just to prove that everyone just trust someone on their blue eyes. While everyone should know by now that is a bad idea.

Nevertheless I'm also thinking about collecting the free tokens/coins. How long will this airdrop last?

Last I heard they said it will go on for a long time.

Also, there referral scheme seems to be not working. I didn't get the referral of one user. This looks like a shitty airdrop to me. It can be gamed very easily.

That's one of the few (dis)advantages of bots that get on humans' nerves.. I wish you'd find mine and get the bonus for your good effort.

what happens if you install the wallet on your work computer and want to access it on your home computer can you do that ?

Thanks man, I got my tokens from you three days back. Now fully registered.

Others who have not registered show take note of this opportunity and follow the instructions in this post. It's quite simple.

Hey @Acidyo, thanks for the airdrop and the write-down! Everybody: send Acidyo your wallet address in a DM privatly on Discord or for safety and a thank you!

Thanks for the fast response! Got my Byteballs in seconds!


you were close to 40 rep so i gave you a little boost at the same time. :)

Haha ...thanks ... I was just thinking... what happend?

Guys i enjoyed my 40$ already hehehe..Guys follow the link @acidyo has provided and get yourself some dollars...

I wish Steemit would get more of such partnerships hehehe.

This is just the beginning. ;)

May i know how you can enjoy .the $40 i got mine first round and i .wish i can transfer it to my wallet or SBD ??

Important to note, it uses your rep as shown on Steemit, not Busy. I had a 59.7 rep when I applied, which on Busy showed as 60 but on Steemit as 59. I got the airdrop as if I was in the 50s, not at 60. 🙃 Still glad to have gotten it before all the server problems started.

Ah me too - I'm 60 on Busy, but i'm at 59.814 on Steemit - sooo close it's driving me bonkers!!! @acidyo, any tips? xx

Aw, unlucky!

It seems to be working quite smoothly now again if you want to refer your followers!

So finally I registered and received of my part of reward.
But I loose $2 dollar in process so I received only $16 ($8+$8).
that is loss of $4 according to my reputations.'
Yet it's good wallet. thanks @acidyo

Did you sign the message or did you payed for the attestation because "signing a message" option gets you only 80% of the reward and 16 is exactly 80% of 20.

I was trying signing by a message but that was failed.
So I clicked on second option where 20% was fee..

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I think you mean that you tried to send the payment, but that failed because you didn't have 49 000 Bytes fee + transaction cost.

Because the second option is the "Sign with message" option and that gives only 80%.

I think that's just the fluctuation of the price of gbytes.

My address

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airdrop is running or end?

Still running!

how to get airdrop reward ?

Read the post. :p

can i also get blackbytes?

You can always exchange Bytes to Blackbytes. There are two great bots for this: Freebe and Beeb.

What of folks like me who started steemit recently and has not gotten a reputation of up to 30 or don't even have a reputation at all, does that mean we don't get to benefit from the airdrop token?

Now you can.

Damn, that shit was fast! Works like a charm <3

please send me a little of bytes coin for pay the attestation
my address is


XOEKWMD2SZNWGRSN7OQUJVX2OECZXA5T this is my receive address and I don't have chat or use discord anymore - I will promote this by resteeming now -many thanks

thanks! sent!

I cant seem to find the wallet now - I downloaded it earlier and gave it a new device name - what am I meant to do next ?

The wallet is called "byteball".

Click on "receive" and copy-paste the address here, then once I send you some tokens you can do the rest of the steps in the post through the "chat" in the wallet.

Thank you a ton. Worked nicely, here are the last two steps, where we need to click on that Payment request : 49000 bytes

And then click on Send

almost to rep 30!


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I have a question

Is it possible to resgister my second steemit account for the airdrop using the same phone?
If yes

I think it is possible only if you make another user on that same phone and install another Byteball app there, i think Android phones have multiple user possibility, but you might need multiple Google accounts then too. I haven't tried it on a phone, but it is much easier to have multiple users on PC, where this method works.

I have a PC.
If you can show me the screen grabs of the the steps to follow

I'll gladly appreciate it

This article has step-by-step guide how to do it, but if you already have phone and PC then you can have two Byteball accounts already and you need to do this only if you want to make a third account

Thanks a lot

Not on the same device I believe.

Thanks for the rego fees.


Thank you

Let's see if it works. Here is my address:


Thanks for the post:)

sent! good luck!

It did work:) Thanks!

Awesome! :)

Heya!! here is mine : JKPMU33PDYBSTJTBP42OA2ZRYA76AWBZ

Awesome! Here is my address: M3SITWM2DKZ4NLMA5EVPAIE2C4NFZLCJ

I received some Byteball. but it is only 9 ct now. is that right ?

yeah do the next steps mentioned in the post to receive your airdrop.

all good :)

I tried everything but nothing worked for me. I am not going to try anymore. Thanks!

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!

been hearing of this, i just activated now

here is my wallet address


I had never given a care about reputation until now.

I am sitting at 59.843 and wondering if it is worth waiting to get my rep up to 60? If I wait, I could miss the airdrop!! Ugh

Could be worth, they just updated and made it more robust so it might last a while!

you just got a bit closer ;)

Holy byte balls!!! That did move me!! Now I have to wait!!!

From 59.834 to 59.944


I am close enough to taste 60!!! Lol!

Super awesome sir!!! Thanks!!

Here'z my address buddy.


I hope someone else doesn't steal it :D

But I guess I already attested it on my own :/


sent .chack balance and work step by step

And I guess you stole it, not fair.

I posted my wallet address on his post coz I wanted to connect with his reference leaving other same posts too, coz he deserved it.
You could have made a post on your wall and take the addresses from there.
Not a good impression at all.

what you saying not understanding ? i just helped not else any thing.

Anyone can help me or sponsor me to get some airdrop

thank you i got it be bless

I did receive the funds to start, many thanks for this


Problem now is insert the address and no reply is coming. Did I miss something?


Try removing the bot from Chat Contacts (Remove device), then adding it back through Bot Store / Market / whatever it's called.

Great idea and worked a charm! I’m now 150m byteball richer!!!


Thanks again

Thank you @acidyo


This is my byteball wallet address @acidyo

Thanks @acidyo, this is my wallet's address


could you give me a push to pass 30 rep?

i don't know how things work around here but i was hoping i would get somebody to walk me through

My address


How can you tell there is still bytes in distribution fund to ensure you get your referral reward? Hoping you are getting your well deserved bonus.

Thanks for offering this service ☺




Please send me few bytes so i can pay the fees.. thanks

could you help my rep to join the airdrop?


I take it this exe has been well tested and doesn't have a key-logger ? :)

It should be, Byteball has been around for 1.5 years and has had many successful airdrops on btc holders.

I doubt steemitblog would promote it otherwise. :D

For some reason the steemit chat wasn't loading for me!! heres my Byteball address

Rep 67, created account through your link, receive address at FLIPPIBLYBILIPTYBLIPPPTY

Edit, I seen you boosted someone to a level 40 since they were so close, feel free to boost me to a level 70 lol.

Double Edit: Thanks @acidyo and anyone else who sent

lol that's a lot harder to do xD

sent but I think someone has beat me to it (not sure if the ref link does anything)

My address


As a newbie I need a little push to 30 rep :)

Here's my wallet address @acidyo

Just downloaded with your link


help me


Hmm I have missed it since the couple of days coz it had a problem and wasn't opening up but now I m ready to be in. Thanks for sharing @acidyo.

Hello acidyo Thanks for the airdrop and token
Is it running or not ths time bro.
Plz help me. I will upvote u everytime.


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I did it the first time but lost everything afterwards as my phone mistakenly got formatted and I didn't create a cloud backup before it happened.

Is there any way I can get the funds back or I start all over again with the same steemit account? I'm just frustrated at the moment.

If u got your steem account confirmed I doubt you can use it again. :/

Yes, I got it confirmed and had $72 worth of bytes in my wallet. I still have my old referral link too...
I guess there's no possible solution for now.

Sir I need some byteballs

If you didn't make a backup and already attested that username then it is not possible to get a reward anymore.

Thank you for confirming my fears...😢😢

Thanks for sharing. I've smashed the upvote button for you!

Also, if you are looking to get some tokens without investing or mining check out Crowdholding ( They are a co-creation platform were you get rewarded for giving feedback to crypto startups on the platform. You can earn Crowdholding's token as well as DeepOnion, ITT, Smartcash and many other ERC-20 tokens.

i had join this is my received adress

Guys i donot understand how to recieve.

Click on "receive" and enter the address that shows there here.

What i can do now.

Click on the round button with three dots (...) and insert your address.