It's not too late, Claims free byteball easy step to earn $5 to $160 using you'r steem account

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  1. Click here To DOWNLOAD the app and choose your device
    If you have already downloaded follow the step (Go to chat box click "add new device" and click "accept invitation to other device" Copy this. byteball:[email protected]/bb#JJEB74VJPNDQST46WOX6IK335UL6LZRP And paste

  2. Open the app click "chat" click "bot store" and click "steem attestation bot" then after that the bot give a message


Give your bytball address by clicking the 3 "dot" and click "insert my adress (small expenses wallet)" then the bot asking to login your steem account via steemconnect

3.Login your steem account via steemconnect


4.Choose private or public


5.Click "Request to sign message"


Done you have byteball for free check your wallet and ready to transfer to (bittrex)(cryptopia) or any different exchange

Use my refferal link:

Resteem this post thanks.

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