Help to Cure Cancer Mining GBYTE/Byteballs and Get Fre GBYTE If You Havent Yet

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For start you need Byteballs/GBYTE wallet, just download here -

If you have Steemit account with reputation above 30 (even if before you had 25 when this started) you can get some free GBYTE coins but this post is not about that so short tutorial:

  • Install AND right away go to the left and chose "create new wallet"
  • Next to new wallet tick "one address wallet" and call the wallet with your steemit username.
  • go to Chat -> Bot Store -> Steemit and do all they need (you will need account password).

Use Your Computer to Cure Cancer and Other Diseases

You heard how mining is worthless, uses energy for nothing etc? Well with Gbyte you can help the world and make money same time - even on bad computers.

You have to first install wallet that ive linked in main post and then do the following:

  • Register to
  • After logging in to WCG, click ‘Settings’ in the top menu and then ‘My Profile’ in the menu on the left
  • Scroll down to where it says ‘Choose to display or hide your data’ and make sure the first radio button ‘Display my data’ is selected, then click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.
  • Now install software
  • Choose projects you want to help
  • And run software, it will mostly run when you dont use computer ie as screensaver.

From time to time (ie once a week) talk to GBYTE bot at Chat -> Bots -> WCG Linking Bot and get your money.

GBYTE Markets

No KYC is Cryptopia so i suggest getting acc there.

My Official Discord Crypto/Steemit Group -

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It's a great cause I will support this

amazing how many people joined this, spread the word on what GBYTE does.

i will pay 2 socks to help the cause

BOINC is amazing!

I'm curious about your thoughts on Gridcoin.

Helping other while making money, what a noble deed.

I wonder how many bytes can I mint using pc. Any idea?

nope but they also share WCG tokens (byteballs is like Ethereum, you can make tokens on it)

It's $1 value of bytes every 100000 WCG points or $1,1 value of bytes every 100000 WCG points if you are in the team.

Quite a good way to mine cryptos @kingscrown
I like the way they mine would mine it with a decent computer and not with those powerful GPUs that eat a lot of electricity.

Re-steemed this - good to see blockchain helping the world in non-financial ways.

how much i do earn daily from this project?

for now not so much , there are only cpu projects ad I got few dollars cents with one six core and one eight core

Do I need to leave my computer on through out the day in order for this to work?

you have to leave it or just let it run when you use it

But if you let it run all day long, you perform more work and earn more bytes.

Can i use 10cpu to mine this?

No limit, you can use as many computers as you want.

This is perfectly awesome; glad i can do some more reasonable th8ngs with my life....
I'm off to check this out, "cheers".

Do you know if a better and faster computer is better to do this? How about a computer with more ram vs more gpu vs more cpu?

There is no WCG project using GPU at the moment. The more powerful your CPU is, the more bytes you earn.

Hmmm thanks! Do you have an estimate of how much byteballs someone produces per month this way?

It's hard to tell, it really depends of what and how many devices you have. It's like from $1 a month with a smartphone to $50 with a roxy CPU.

it uses CPU and GPU (if you allow it).. always better computer then better ;)

for now I only see cpu projects

Kinda afraid to run this on my laptop and burn the cpu /gpu...

This is awesome. I hope we will see much more like that from other old coins.

Boinc app is not running on my android

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i did not try on android but it should work, 2 projects are android allowing

Which projects are that which are following on android kindly tell me app is running now nice post keep up the good work

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muy bien, me encanta leer todo esto

Thanks for sharing information it will help us to get more Byteball tokens.
Actually it's great mining technique for minors

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Byteball is not a token, it's a complete platform.
Bytes are the native currency used to buy space in the DAG.
However, you can create tokens on Byteball platform, check out:!/login

I'm sorry about my mistake. Yeah it's a complete platform with high potential and better concept based on decentralized Blockchain.

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I've tried the byteball list but no one coin was in ..
but I have never listed at all

How come.

his words my account is already in pay.

This is really a great thought .I don't have money to do charity for cancer victims but here I can do help for them ...
Really I am very impressed

Good post and cause. Will surely gonna register and try.

Bro this is great option to get GBYTE , I have already revived my byteballs , will HODL , but bro thank you for this information , I will promote and ask my friends to check this option , thank you bro , let’s work together

This is amazing . I hope we will see much more like that from other old coins.

Oh this is nice. I just did this and we'll see what happens next. 👍👍👍

Just have to download that client. Hehe. Will have to remove some old programs first.

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Ok so I've been mining using their tool but what do I do with the WCG earned? 😂 I think I should read more on them.

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how can i use theaccount that i have attestated before

please @kingscrown must i complete a project before i can mine or gain gbyte

thats great but any one can explain how many time it will take for mine bcz some sites and links take too many time and energy and give us only too small amout of a coin

Earned my first money on gave me strength motivation that more will come.great post @ kingscrown

I'd like to add that there is a 10% bonus on top of your rewards if you join the team!

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see my post >> Woman Health

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