Processing for good - Get rewarded for crunching numbers to cure diseases

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Using processing power only to mine crypto?
Help cure diseases and still get rewarded!

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The ridiculous amount of electricity being consumed to mine cryptocurrencies have skyrocketed the past few years. Even with introduction of ASIC miners, it's estimated that the Bitcoin blockchain alone continuously consumes 343 Megawatts! That's the equivalent of the energy consumption of 285,000 average households! And that's even assuming all miners to run energy efficient setups. That's far from the case.

The need for this lies in the block discovery mechanism, aiming to prevent spam, secure network integrity, achieve consensus and enforce other rules in a decentralized topology.

Needless to say, the consumption of this amount of energy does little good to society, environment or the global population as a whole. It generates more wealth to those already wealthy enough to run huge mining farms.

Enter the Byteball Platform

The energy problems has lead to a myriad of projects trying to introduce alternative ways of ensuring the same network integrity without incurring the massive energy costs related to Proof of Work; like Proof of Stake, Proof of Stake anonymous, Delegated Proof of Stake, Proof of Activity, Proof of Checkpoint and even Proof of Brain (you're reading an article on a platform based on this very method!) and a variety of slightly differing combinations of voting and staking.

Byteball's DAG based consensus algorithm doesn't require any energy-consuming mechanism to maintain network integrity. It relies on fees to prevent spam, and transactions from nodes relies on referencing previous transactions. If double spends are attempted, the transaction that has been referenced by more witnesses will be considered legit.

Byteball rewards you for donating CPU power to fight diseases

World Community Grid is a platform that provides raw computing power to science projects aiming to find cures for diseases like cancer, ebola and AIDS. Analyzing data and vast combinatory possibilities require lots and lots of raw computing power. IBM has therefore helped launch an initiative, where normal people can donate their computers' idle time to the good of science. After downloading the WCG-client, your computer will be sent a small fraction of work to be analyzed. Your computer will process the data and when done, the client returns the result to World Community Grid where it gets validated. If your result validates, you are awarded points.

This is where Byteball comes into play. With a substantial amount of undistributed funds, the Byteball community has set out to prove a very important point. Computational power can be used for actual good causes rather than making a single person rich. One might add, that distributing funds via a cause like this, instead of using it to provide a solid bag of gold to distributors of x-rated content, would generally be applauded by most.

Developers have created a way to directly link your Byteball wallet to your World Community Grid account. Once your computer starts generating points, you will receive payouts in Bytes according to your contribution to the World Community Grid.

A quick guide to linking your wallet with WCG

Assuming you already installed the Byteball wallet.

Step 1 - Find the WCG bot in the Bot Store

Click the chat-button at the bottom of the wallet. Select the "Bot Store" tab and locate the WCG Bot. Click on it and hit the huge "Add" button.

Step 2 - Create or edit your World Community Grid account

Whether you have an existing account at World Community Grid or not, the bot will give you a username. If you don't already have an account, create a new one and be sure to use the username given by the bot. If you already have an account, go to "Settings" and click the "My Profile" button on the left. It will ask for your username and password before allowed to change anything. When validated, you can change your username to that given by the bot.

Step 3 - Link your wallet and WCG account

Go back to the bot and click "Check my account". The bot will then connect to World Community Grid and look for the account with the username it gave you. If it finds a matching account, it will then respond with "Your WCG account is successfully linked."

Step 4 - Choose your payout address

The bot will then ask which address you want rewards sent to. If you want rewards sent to the wallet that is active when entering the chat with the bot, simply click the three little dots at the bottom left and click "Insert my address".

That's it! You're done now!

When everything is done and setup, the bot will tell you that setup has been completed. You can then go to WCG and change your account name to whatever you like (see steps above) - remember to also change the name with the bot by clicking the "Change account name" link. The bot will then ask what your new account name is, and validate that this was indeed your new account name.

Get help on Slack or Telegram

Should you run into problems with linking your accounts or have questions not related to the WCG platform, you are welcome to post it on the Byteball Slack or Telegram.


Byteballers helping the world. A great initiative.

Yeah, I genuinely believe it's a great way to bring more attention to the World Community Grid project. Having people help science without doing anything but installing a client is really a huge potential for humanity in general.

The rewards from Byteball isn't that much, but hopefully it will at least bring attention to the project. People shouldn't do this to get rich but to support a very important initiative.

Seeing the progress done in cancer research in just the past 2-3 years is flabbergasting. There's been HUGE advances made, and there's no sign the advances are slowing down. Further helping research will bring even more good results in the fight against a variety of diseases.

I genuinely believe this is such an important thing, that hardware vendors should seriously consider providing laptops and PCs with pre-installed WCG clients. It would be a massive step forward.

excellent !

Soooo... is an anyone working on more up to date help files? wiki? How about something about how often the Byteball clients updates is self and gets updates from WCG? There is a real need to put more information out for people interested.

Also, why can I not find a proper guide for installing the Ubuntu/Linux version? it's a royal pain with out a guide for someone who has not got the time to learn about compiling and dependencies, etc.
Hope you guys can help us out here!!

Taking this opportunity to cross-post Gridcoin, for those interested to start crunching with WCG!

Yes - good point.

Users will actually be able to benefit from both projects' distribution by linking to both projects. There's no requirement to join the WCG-team, so contributing can work elegantly side by side :)

Exactly, I also mentioned this in the Gridcoin discord and on the recent state of the network post, so maybe that will get some more people interested in Byteball too!

Awesome, thanks :) However, they're probably already contributing to World Community Grid. So I guess the number of new users to the project will be limited. But it could quite possibly bring some new users to the Byteball platform :) It's a win-win-win, really :)

Just to further underline the importance of this project and the progress it's helped provide to particularly cancer research:
A colleague of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer 3 years ago. At the time of the diagnose, it was terminal. She was told that people with the diagnose usually had less than 2 years left to live.

But research and development of new types of medicine has improved at such blazing speed, that they this year changed the diagnose from being terminal to instead being permanent. This means that they now have a firm belief that with the right (new!) medicine, she'll be able to lead a somewhat normal life, though there still is no cure. But the fact that it's no longer a terminal diagnose, just proves the importance of the research being done in particularly the cancer field these years.

I can't highly enough stress how insanely important I find the WCG project and if it was up to me, all hardware vendors should deliver computers with pre-installed WCG clients. The impact on humanity in general would be remarkable!

Thanks for the info, i've had byteball for awhile and have been curious on its recent development. Any ideas why so few exchanges have byteball available?

To be introduced on (at least the major ones) exchanges costs ridiculous amounts of money. It's coming to the point where it's borderline extortion. Byteball has chosen to be present on a handful of exchanges and instead focus their undistributed funds on adoption rather than speculation. The World Community Grid project is a great example on how Byteball focuses on giving funds to as many people as possible instead of stuffing it into the pockets of large exchanges. If (when!) Byteball becomes big and more and more ICOs rely on the Byteball platform, I think it will eventually lead to larger exchanges listing it simply since they won't miss out on an opportunity to earn money.
At the moment, Byteball's listed on these exchanges:
Bittrex,, Changelly, Kaiserex, Biscq, Cryptopia and Indacoin.
Apart from that, Byteball actually has an in-wallet fiat on-ramp making it more convenient for new users to obtain Bytes.


After a successful linking, I did not get any form of activity from WGC or Byteball install in my Pc.

So I just did this and signed up and linked everything... So I just need to download the client on a computer next? Hmmm... 🤔🤔🤔

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you should have downloaded and installed the client first, then clicked the bot store and pick the WCG bot and followed it's instructions. Hope that helps :)

Does byteball reward still working? I have not received anything

Yeah actually I made the comment before I figured it out. This was like so long ago. Hehe.


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